Police Escort Visitor Out of High School In Sept. 3 Incident

Fort Scott High School.

An unwanted visitor entered Fort Scott High School on Sept. 3.

“We did have a person in the building at the high school early, before school started, Tuesday, September 3rd,” USD 234 Superintendent Ted Hessong, said.

The person was stopped by a high school teacher who asked why the person was in the building, he said.

” One of our custodians made sure the students in the building stayed away from the person while the teacher questioned him about being in the building,” Hessong said. “The custodian also contacted another employee of ours who was headed to the high school to assist with the situation, just in case additional support was needed. This employee contacted local law enforcement to also possibly assist with the situation. Police officers escorted the person out of the building, without incident.”

The high school staff followed the plan of approaching anyone who is in the building, who is not identified as checking in the office first, to see if they need help or to direct them back to the school office to check-in, he said.


“I want to commend our high school teacher, custodian, program director, and local law enforcement for managing the situation to make sure everyone was safe in the building,” Hessong said.

2 thoughts on “Police Escort Visitor Out of High School In Sept. 3 Incident”

  1. Both my Daughter are in High school, why wasn’t we notified?, and I find out on Facebook?
    U appreciate u ALL taking care of situation but we need to be notified

  2. To think I was fired as a substitute teacher by USD 234 for bringing to the attention of the superintendent of the faults in the security, training and other elements of the security process is…well I am unable to put words to it. As you know I ran as a candidate for the board and lost. I realize now it was meant to be; I can get more done in 3 minutes a month from the podium, than I could sitting by the table, silent, accepting everything fed to me by the administration. Meeting before last Mr. Whit said he was concerned about school security, Mr. Billionis said he was concerned about safety and security. I wanted to Yell can I get an AMEN! More on this event soon.

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