Podcasts Available For Farmers


According to Bob Weaber, K-State Research and Extension Professor and Cow-Calf Specialist, Dr. Weaber,  Dr. Dustin Pendell from the Department of Agricultural  Economics,  Dr. Bob Larson and  Dr. Brad White from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Beef Cattle Institute have been recording a weekly podcast called BCI Cattle Chat.

The podcast can be downloaded on your smartphone or online at https://ksubci.org/media/podcast. Recordings began in May of this year, and now include over 20 podcasts with topics such as: should we test forage and why, challenges of bull buying, advocacy in agriculture, and selecting replacement heifers.

Dr. Weaber States “we feel like we’ve kinda hit our stride, and want to share this audio resource with you. If you’re not already a listener, please give it a whirl. If you are already a listener, send us some feedback: what you like, don’t like, or think we should discuss”.

BCI Cattle Chat is always on the lookout for new material and guests.  Please send topic ideas and guest suggestions to your local extension agent, and ask him or her to forward these suggestions to the Beef Cattle Institute.

The most current sessions include a podcast featuring Southeast Area K-State research and Extension Beef Specialist Dr. Jaymelynn Farney, from Parsons, and a podcast featuring a sports dietician from the Kansas State University training table.

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