Over/Under Payment Information From Audit

Some time back, FortScott.Biz requested a copy of the details from the audit showing the individual under and overpayment information. The commissioners were concerned that they might not want to request this information (and make it subject to Kansas Open Records Act) until any investigation by the the Attorney General was complete.

This information has now been made available and is being used to send refunds back to tax payers that overpaid. The commissioners said that they still hadn’t heard anything back from the Attorney General, but decided it was in the best interest of the county to request the information in order to issue refunds to those that overpaid.

Keep in mind that underpayment doesn’t indicate any type of problems on the part of the tax payer. They paid what they were told to pay. If there were inaccuracies, in the amount of tax they were told to pay or how the interest was calculated, that wasn’t the fault of the tax payer.

Based on previous conversations, it does not appear there is a way to recover underpaid taxes from the tax payers if their accounts were marked paid in full. This seems reasonable as it would be very disruptive to businesses and individual if the county could go back several years and say “oh we made a mistake, you now owe more money.”

Here is the pdf of the over/underpayments. If your name shows up as having overpaid, you should be receiving a refund in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Over/Under Payment Information From Audit”

  1. What about the rest of the 10 years that this treasurer has been in office? What about their refund checks? They have waiting longer for errors that were made. Still don’t understand why errors appeared on some accounts and not all since a computer program would have computed them all the same way. With those on the revolving payment plan, seems at some point they may have underpaid too!

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