Kansas Renewal Institute Repurposes Mercy Hospital


KRI President of Operations Joe Tinervin, MSW, stands in the intake room’s doorway near the former hospital’s west entrance.

The western part and administration portion of the former Fort Scott Mercy Hospital is in the process of renovation.

Kansas Renewal Institute, located at 401 Woodland Hills Blvd. is a behavioral healthcare center specializing in treating adults and adolescents. The building has approximately 120,000 square feet.

JG Healthcare Solutions is the parent company that owns K.R.I.

The institute administrators e are Jonathan Gross, Chief Executive Officer; T.J. Denning, Chief Operating Officer, Erik Engebretson, Chief Financial Officer, Joe Tinervin, President of Operations and and Mike Sharpmack, Executive Director.

Kansas Renewal Institute President of Operations Joe Tinervin stands in the southern hall of the former Mercy Hospital.

This group of men has worked together at Universal Health Services, Acadia Healthcare, and most recently Discovery Behavioral Health.

“We worked for years together, but towards the end of our time at Discovery, we said we could do this ourselves, help a lot of people and have fun along the way,” Tinervin said.

“The whole idea is to provide safe, effective care that promotes successful outcomes,” he said. “We hope to have a staff environment where people love to come to work.”

K.R.I. will open with 82 licensed beds across four units. The State of Kansas has told Tinervin that the licensure process will be finished by April 15.

Joe Tinervin shows a patient room that is being made ready for patients.

There is a 50-bed adolescent psychiatric residential treatment facility,  with two units, one for males, and one for females.

K.R. I. President of Operations Joe TInervin gives a tour on March 26, 2024, of the new facility. This is a portion of the adolescent unit.

These units are located in the former maternity unit and adjacent hall on the north wing of the building.

The former maternity unit will be used for adolescent residential services at K.R.I. Joe Tinervin stands at the door between that unit and the hall. To the left is one of the many contractors working inside the building in anticipation of the April opening of the facility.

In addition, there are 32 beds in two units for adults: one for adult residential services and one for detoxification services.

This is a wing of the adult residential services unit at K.R.I., down the hall to the left is the detox unit. Work is still being done to prepare for the opening of the institute in April 2024.

The detox unit is located in the former intensive care area of the hospital with the adult residential services in the hall just adjacent.

The former Intensive care unit of Mercy Hospital is now the detox unit of Kansas Recovery Institute.
A view of the two corridors in the former waiting room of the emergency department at 401 Woodland Hills Blvd. in  March 2024. The steps in the middle lead down to the cafeteria which will be for residents only, and won’t be open to the community.

“We have thrown a significant amount into the renovation so far,” Tinervin said. “Flooring, paint, equipment,  and furniture,” he said.

“It’s all happening right now as we get the units ready to go,” he said.

“The State of Kansas has a significant waitlist,” he said. “We will be servicing residents from all over Kansas, not just southeast Kansas.”

“The state was here last week, and licensure might take until April 15,” he said.

“Our job is to reintegrate people back into their home communities,” he said. “If someone is from another place, they will return.”

“We are not opening with an outpatient level of care…only residential,” Tinervin said. “When and if we build an outpatient level of care, patients from the Fort Scott area will be able to commute for services while those who live outside of the Fort Scott area will be transitioning home and will have the opportunity to participate in KRI Outpatient services remotely through a virtual telehealth platform.”

In the administrative portion of the K.R. I. is this multi-purpose room which is currently being used for training employees and will be used for classrooms for residential adolescents in the future. Pictured is a training session.

K.R.I. will be collaborating with USD 234.


“We are excited about the partnership we are developing with Unified School District 234,” Tinervin said.  “As part of this partnership, Unified School District 234 is committed to providing general and special education services to KRI residents within school age. These services will be provided on-site at Kansas Renewal Institute and the programming provided will be individualized according to the educational needs and levels of each student served at the KRI.”


To view job opportunities at KRI:

AD: Kansas Recovery Institute Is Hiring For All Positions

This is the reception desk of the Kansas Recovery Institute at 401 Woodland Hills.

Once licensure arrives, people can make appointments at 620-644-1195 and they will also take walk-ins, Tinervin said.

The KRI Team photo, taken last Thursday at the end of orientation. Back Row from left to right: Joe Tinervin, President of Operations; Christopher Edwards, BHT; Lori Storm, Lead Case Manager; Dylan Pike, Nurse; Mark Steward, BHT Supervisor; Mike Sharpmack, Executive Director; Jay Abbott, Director of Quality Improvement and Risk Management; Jaymie Murphy, Nurse
Front Row from left to right: Sheila Guinn-Peters, Admissions; Sheila Nami, Admissions; Pamela Johnson, Nurse; Mary Wilson, CMA; Candice Wyatt, BHT; Jessica Whitley, BHT; Tracy Serna, BHT Lead; JoDanna Simon, DON; Makenzie Brown, BHT; Stefani Brown, Nurse; and Jessica Allison, Clinical Director
*acronym key: BHT: Behavioral Health Technician; DON: Director of Nursing; CMT: Certified Medical Technician. Submitted photo.


The K.R.I. website: www.kansasrenewal.com

401 Woodland Hills Blvd.

Also housed at 401-405 Woodland Hills Blvd.: Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center, Ashley (Medical) Clinic, Care to Share (cancer family support group), I Am Rehab( physical therapy/fitness center), Regional Economic Development Inc., and Diamonds In The Marketplace ( a beauty salon).

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