Commission Meeting February 17th

Marty Pearson showed the commissioners details on a training program on roads that KCAMP will pay for. The commissioners voted for him to take the classes that will be paid for by the state. The classes are offered through KU and are part of the Kansas Roads Scholar Program.

There still isn’t a date on the tax sale and the county is still waiting for Mr. Meara to put together the press release. There are a few dates in March and April when the Register of Deeds office will be gone to a conference so the the tax sale can’t be scheduled for those dates. The commissioners asked that these dates be communicated to Mr. Meara.

Sheriff Gray presented a request from Uniontown asking about putting a flashing light on  K3 and Maple Road. There have been two fatalities there recently. They have permission from the state, but the state said they didn’t have funds to pay for it. Uniontown is asking for assistance from the county for the approximately $5,000 cost of installing it. The state doesn’t have any money to pay for it, but they were hoping the county could pay for 75% of it. The commissioners acknowledged the request and said they would approve it, but didn’t have the funds to add it at this time.

The county has been asked for a Bourbon County representative for the Kansas 6th Judicial nominating committee.

The commissioners spoke with a company that will help audit the counties phone bills to see if they can recover any overpaid funds. The company will split the refunds with the county. The Commissioners made and passed a motion to use the service to look at their phone bill.

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