New WBE Principal: Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith. Submitted photo.

After 38 years in the Uniontown School District, Tracy Smith, will serve as part-time West Bourbon Elementary School  principal for this school year.

“I have been in education for 44 years and retired  twice, but now one more year,” he said.

Smith is teaming with Anita Lightcup in principal duty-sharing.

“I’ll be on duty Monday, Tuesday and alternating Wednesdays,” he said. “Anita will be alternating Wednesday, Thursday and, Friday.”

Smith earned a Bachelor of Science from Ottawa University and a
Masters in Administration, from Pittsburg State University.

For him the greatest part of the job “is mentoring, helping and developing kids, teens, children in general to become good, productive members of our communities.”

“In comparison to ‘what it was like’ when I was a kid, or even a beginning teacher…it is a much different society….It is imperative that we create a loving, supportive environment where positive growth can happen. So, being aware of every child’s needs as they come into my building is my #1 priority, and then, I problem solve.”

Vance Eden is the Superintendent of the school district. Robert Onelio is the new principal at Uniontown Jr/Sr High School.

There are 10 new teachers in the district.

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