New USD 234 Teachers: Woellhof, Fugate-Cate, Setina

This is part of a series featuring the 20 new teachers in the Fort Scott School District.

School starts August 18.

Beckie Woellhof. Sumitted photo.
Beckie Woellhof will be a new 4th Grade math teacher at Eugene Ware Elementary in Fort Scott.
She has taught for 13 years.
Woellhof graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2004.
“I grew up in and around Fort Scott and have lived in this area for most of my life,” she said. “I had some wonderful teachers when I was younger and they inspired me to be a teacher.”
For Woellhof,  getting to know her students is the best thing about being a teacher.
For her, challenges of teaching include “Finding a good work/life balance. As an educator, it is hard to turn off my teacher brain. I am always looking for new and engaging ideas for my classroom or creating things for my classroom at home. My kids often get drafted to help me.”
She and husband, Edwin, have four children.
In her spare time she loves to read and spend time with family and friends, she said.
Kassie Fugate-Cate. Submitted photo.
Kassie Fugate Cate, 33, will be a new special education teacher for Winfield Scott Elementary School.
“This will be a new adventure for me,” she said. “I have been a part of the district in different ways for about six years now. I’ve taught at the college level for about seven years and was a substitute teacher for the district last year.”
“I’ve been teaching at the collegiate for a while and never thought I would want to teach in K-12 until I started subbing for the district,” she said. “I really enjoyed being in the classroom and watching the light bulb go off when they understood what they were struggling with. Also, my son Kendrick was my inspiration to go into special education. He is autistic and I have learned so much from him.”
For her, the best thing about teaching is “Seeing the kids light up about learning and understanding the concepts. Also, being someone they can trust, support them, and push them to succeed. Being in education is all about student success and I look forward to making that happen for all my students.”
Instruction isn’t a challenge for her.
“It’s making sure that I teach them in a way they can understand and enjoy,” she said. “Then of course the paperwork that comes with special education is a little intimidating, but I’ve always enjoyed writing so it will be fun.”
Cate obtained a bachelor’s from Pittsburg State University in 2014 in communication. Then received a masters in strategic communication from Liberty University in 2018. She is currently working on another masters in education focusing on curriculum, instruction, and special education, with completion next summer.
She currently resides in Pittsburg, but is searching for a place in Fort Scott.
“I’ve been happily married to my husband Stephan  for 11 years and we have two beautiful children, Kendrick, in 5th grade at Eugene Ware and Katerina in 3rd grade at Eugene Ware,” she said.
“I enjoy helping out in the community and my church (Faith Church of Kansas),” she said. “I enjoy leading the elementary Parent Teacher Organization as president, it keeps me busy. I like going to the movies with my family and spending time with friends. Definitely a Netflix and chill type of person.”
Ashlee Setina. Submitted photo.
Ashlee Setina is the new Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher at Fort Scott High School.
This is her 4th year of teaching.
She went to college at Fort Scott Community College then Pittsburg State University.
Setina was motivated to become an educator by her Family and Consumer Science Teacher, who encouraged her to teach “because of my love and passion to help others achieve their goals.”
The best thing about teaching for her is “When a student finally learns the information and gets it 100%,” she said.
Her greatest challenge is “Being a young teacher because I do not have a lot of experience.”
Setina’s hometown is Arma.
“I enjoy fishing and hunting in my free time,” she said. “I love to cook and sew as well.”



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