New “Tiny” Houses In Production

New construction is going on at the corner of 6th and Lowman Streets.

Business owner Mike Rogers is hoping his new venture is good for the community.

The venture is building four small rental houses at the corner of 6th and Lowman Streets.

The houses might not be considered tiny, but with each at 782 square feet,  they are small.

People just starting out or people at the other end of the spectrum, ” Those looking for a more efficient lifestyle,” Rory Chaplin, the coordinator with 3RK, said.

“They are not big,” Rogers said. “They are the size of an apartment. They’ll have 36-inch doors, so they are wheelchair accessible. They have no steps.”

There will be 18 feet between houses, which allows for a small yard with a privacy fence. Each house will have two designated parking spaces.

Construction began about a month ago on the project. The summer of 2018 is the expected availability dates for the rentals.

Rogers new business, 3RK, is building and managing rental houses.

He also owns R2 Concrete, which is doing all the concrete work for the project. In addition, he is sub-contracting parts of the project to Geiger Plumbing, Jeff Allen Electric, and Casper Enterprises, Rogers said.

“We may have other businesses involved, as well,” Chaplin said.

The amount of rent to be charged per unit is undetermined at this time, he said.



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  1. are they done? my grandson is a student and wants to work in fort scott this summer. he is looking for a place to rent. also what would the rent be? thank you!

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