New Info Sign Coming to Courthouse

The north wing of the Bourbon County Courthouse houses the county clerk, treasurer and commission offices. A digital message sign will be placed here in the near future.

A new digital message sign will soon be placed on the Bourbon County Courthouse north wing.

At a recent Bourbon County Commission meeting, Emergency Director Will Wallis told the commissioners that the Garland Fire Department sold him a digital sign for displaying emergency messages.

“Garland Fire bought this sign several years ago,” Wallis said. “When the new management of Garland Fire Department took over they discovered it. After some discussion, the department decided they really didn’t have any practical use for it.”

“They called us and wanted to know if we had a use for it and also gave us an idea of what they wanted for the sign,” he said.  “After several months of discussion and deliberation  Shane (Walker, Bourbon County Information Technology Director)and I decided to purchase it and use it to display messages to the public such as CodeRed signups, Red Flag fire warning days, Weather warnings such as ice storms, snowstorms,  etc.”


“We paid $1,200 for it and used grant money, no county money was used to buy it and no county money will be used to pay to have it installed. The sign will be against the outside wall of the courthouse/sheriff’s old office, facing east. People can read this sign when they pull up to the four-way stop at Second Street and National Avenue.”


Wallis is currently taking bids to have it installed.


“It may take a few weeks to get this process completed,” Wallis said.

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