New FSCC Biology Teacher: Heather Davis


Heather Davis is the biology instructor at Fort Scott Community College.

This is part of a series of profiles of new teachers in our community.

Dr. Heather Davis is the new biology instructor at Fort Scott Community College.

Name: Dr. Heather Davis

Title of position: Biology Instructor, Fort Scott Community College

Education: Fort Scott High School 2006, Associate of Science- Cowley College 2008, Bachelor of Science in Biology- Pittsburg State University 2010, Master of Science & Doctor of Chiropractic- Logan College 2014

Experience: No prior formal teaching experience, but extensive education and background in the sciences.

Age: 30

Family: Husband-Dr. Grant Hartman, children-Zoey (age 2) and Zeke (age 3 months), late father-Tom Davis, mother-Cindy Davis, parents-in-law- Brad and Robin Hartman, Grandparents-in-law-the late Ron Billiard and Karen Billiard.


“I have been in private practice with my husband at Hartman Spine & Joint for three years practicing functional medicine, which relies extensively on knowledge of human biology, anatomy, physiology, laboratory evaluation, nutrition and performance. While I will still be practicing part time, I am excited to start my teaching career.”

Why did you choose education as a career?

“I found that in private practice, I was teaching patients one-on-one every single day, something I did not realize would happen to this extent. I finally recognized my passion for teaching and, paired with my love of science, formal teaching just made sense. It is also a way for me to be more involved in the community, develop relationships, influence more people, and be involved in something bigger.

What is the first on your list of priorities for the position?

“Ensure each and every student in my classroom develops a basic understanding of the world around them, lead more students to the sciences, and foster relationships with local high schools to enable students to work ahead.”


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