New Bourbon County EMS Facility

The newly remodeled facility that was donated to Bourbon County EMS by Mercy Hospital, located northeast of Community Health Center at 405 Woodland Hills on May 13, 2019.


The new Bourbon County Emergency Medical Services Station at Woodland Hills is nearly complete.


“A new sign will be coming,” EMS Director Robert Leisure, “It will be seen from the street out front, Woodland Hills.”


“Mercy Hospital donated the building,” Leisure said. “The city runs the day-to-day operations. The trucks and facility are owned by the county.”


Inside the station is housed four EMS vehicles.


“Two duty and two transfer trucks,” Leisure said. “Two ambulances are at the Fort Scott Fire Department (on National Avenue).”


Paramedic Mike Kreiger consults with Bourbon County EMS Director Robert Leisure in the new facilities day room.

There is a dayroom to “relax and get off our feet in between calls,” Paramedic Mike Krieger said.

EMT Katelyn Harper works at the reporting station in the new EMS facility, it is adjacent to the kitchen area.

There is one large room that the main office, day room and kitchen are located in.

The kitchen area of the Bourbon County EMS Station at 405 Woodland Hills. In the background is the hallway to the laundry, sleep rooms, bathrooms and the director’s office.
There are separate bathroom facilities for male and female employees, complete with lockers and shower.
Paramedic Mike Kreiger and EMT Aide Chris Reed in the EMS station dayroom in between calls.
Each shift employee has a sleeping room at the EMS station.


There are four separate sleeping rooms for shift employees.


“The EMS schedule varies on which days are worked,” Leisure said.  “But the goal is two 24 hour’s  (shifts) per week or 48 hours per week.”

Laundry room facilities, with the dayroom/work station/kitchen area in the background.
Three of the four EMS vehicles located at the Woodland Hills Station.


EMS Director Robert Leisure indicated the new ambulance service is doing well.


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“We’ve seen a month coming in…We started billing to Bourbon County in February…We are making money,” he said. The goal is to break even for the year.


“My operational budget will be in August,” Leisure said. “It was guesstimated using input from Mercy.”


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