Nevada Hospital Seeks Mask Mandate

“COVID-19 testing is done offsite in this portable building located on the north side of the hospital.”

NRMC Seeks Mask Mandate

As numbers of COVID-19 cases have swiftly escalated in Vernon County, Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) is experiencing strains created by the pandemic.

“In recent weeks we have seen COVID-19 numbers spiked dramatically,” says NRMC Chief Executive Officer, Steve Branstetter. “Our Hospital is very busy with COVID-19 in our emergency department and our intensive care unit. Testing also is very busy and we’ve had to extend our hours this week to help with the demand.”

Larger hospitals often have no beds available, and the transfer of seriously ill patients is becoming very challenging. As all hospitals do, NRMC has planned for this type of public health emergency and taken every measure to combat its effects. However, limited resources are being pushed to capacity.

NRMC, along with several other Missouri hospitals, are seeking mandatory mask ordinances in the areas they serve. Tuesday, Branstetter sent a request to local officials to institute such an ordinance.

“We are in a public health crisis. We need the people and our leaders to come together and take the CDC guidelines seriously,” says Branstetter.

NRMC encourages the practice of frequent hand hygiene, social distancing of at least 6 feet, and mask wearing in public to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


About Nevada Regional Medical Center
Serving a six-county area since 1937, Nevada Regional Medical Center is a 71-bed acute, intensive and skilled care hospital. Nevada Regional Medical Center has earned recognition as a respected regional medical center for its comprehensive health care services, skilled and caring employees and state-of-the-art medical technology. Staff represent more than a dozen medical specialties, including family practice, women’s services, neurology, urology, psychiatry, orthopedics, wound care services, and general, vascular, thoracic and oncological surgery. Additionally, consultation clinics are held regularly by specialists in oncology, pulmonology, podiatry, ear, nose, and throat and cardiology.

4 thoughts on “Nevada Hospital Seeks Mask Mandate”

  1. Yeah! I sent a message to the City Council about a week ago asking them to pass a mandatory mask ordinance which will give law enforcement the ability to enforce it and fine folks who refuse to comply. Whereas I know folks in this city won’t like it.. too bad the number of people confirmed with the virus just continues to climb. Stores including WalMart & the Dollar Store who post mandatory masks required is a joke because there is no enforcement.

    1. You’re absolutely right!!We need a mask mandate and need people to actually abide by it! It’s ridiculous that pale can’t see what’s going on and don’t care enough about their community to wear them! I hate the mask but I wear one every time I go out!

      The other thing is..don’t go out of you’re stick. If you need something, there is curb side pick-up at Wal-Mart, woods and dollar General… Delivery of meds from auburn and community pharmacy… Drive up for meds at well. No excuse to go in our you are sick.

      It’ll help with covid as well as with the dang flu!

  2. Unfortunately, even with a mask mandate, they in fact do not work. My wife and I have both contracted and recovered from Covid. She contracted it at nursing school where they already have mask mandates in place. I also have to wear a mask at work at all times. They just don’t work…..

    1. Nobody ever said masks prevent COVID-19. But it certainly can help slow the spread of it. Lucky for you and your wife to survive it. Not all have been that lucky.

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