Nelson Blythe Selected to Fill District 1 Commissioner Position

Nelson and Euna Blythe.
A convention of the Bourbon County Republican party committee members was held on August 4 to decide  who would fill Lynne Oharah’s Bourbon County Commissioner District 1 position.
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After the rules of selection were explained, the Republican committee had two individuals who asked to be considered:  Donald Coffman and Nelson Blythe.
Mark McCoy. Submitted photo.
“Each candidate was given three minutes to address our meeting, after this portion, the candidate and any of the public were asked to leave,” said Chairman Mark McCoy. “Much discussion took place amongst us. A motion was made to appoint Mr. Blythe by an acclamation motion, it was seconded, and all in attendance answered  in the affirmative.”
The required state form was sent certified mail on Friday, August 5 to the governor’s office, McCoy said.
“In my experience, the governor will notify our county clerk within 10 days,” he said.
Nelson Blythe will start mid-August as the new commissioner.
Nelson Blythe

Nelson Blythe, 28, worked as a deputy for the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office for approximately four years. Since 2021, he has worked as a deputy for the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff in Linn County is flexible in scheduling personnel, he said, and that will allow him to be present at the commission meetings, which typically meet at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays at the courthouse.

One thing that motivated him to run for the commissioner position was being involved in Bourbon County.

“When I went to Linn County, I didn’t like missing out on what is going in Bourbon County,” he said.

“I maintained good working relationships with most of the people who work in the court house, especially in the county attorney’s office,” according to a press release from Blythe. “I believe that my professional relationship with the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office will help smooth the sometimes rocky relationship with the commission.”

Additionally,  Blythe said he is glad he will be “in a position to defend our rights from state and federal governance.”

“Local elected officials need to be willing to stand up to state and federal authorities that violate the Constitution,” he said. “This isn’t an extreme view. It is a methodical, constitutional, conservative, law-abiding, Christian mindset.”

Blythe has been married to Euna for six years.

He is the son of Bud and Lee Belle Blythe of rural Uniontown. He lives on part of the farm that has been handed down in his family for over 150 years.  His grandparents were Kaley and Julia Blythe.

He is the youngest of Bud and Lee Belle’s five children and one of the three triplets. His older brother, Paden, works for the Fort Scott Police Department; his older sister, Katie Dyastra lives with her husband and three children in Fort Scott, and his sister, Hannah Stark and husband live in Fort Scott.

His identical twin brother, Kaley, is married to Kelsey and they have one child. He also lives on a part of the Blythe family farm.

Blythe earned a bachelors of science degree from Pittsburg State University in business administration.





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