Neffs Make a Lasting Impact With Donation

John and Pat Neff. Submitted photo.

John and Pat Neff lived in Fort Scott decades ago, but were impacted by the Sisters of Mercy and decided to give back to the community.

“I was told that John grew up in the area and then they lived here early in their marriage…and adopted two children from Mercy Hospital,” Carla Farmer, Fort Scott Area Community Foundation (FSACF) member said. “Pat reached out in the 1990s and wanted to give back to the local Sisters of Mercy, who helped them adopt two children. That’s the basis of them wanting to give back to the community. This was a couple that was touched by our community decades ago. This was where they raised there children.”

“The Neff’s created an annuity that paid them until they passed away,” FSACF Chairman Craig Campbell said.

John Valentine Neff and Patricia Renfro Neff were married 69 years until his death, according to Pat’s Neff’s obituary. Pat died in July 2022.

Upon her death the annuity money went to the Mercy foundation, and now to the FSACF for distribution into the community for future health care funds.

“When Mercy Hospital closed their doors in Fort Scott (in December 2018), the foundation voted to stay intact in order to be able to accept the Neff’s gift following the death of Mrs. Neff,” Jared Leek, president of the Fort Scott Mercy Hospital Foundation Board said.  “We voted for the board to go from a 12-16 member board to a board comprised of just three members; Jared Leek, President, Bryan Holt, Treasurer, and Darcy Smith, Secretary.  The three board members setup an account with the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation for health care needs in Bourbon County.”
“As of September 30, 2022, the account with the FSACF was valued at $243,985.41,” Leek said.  “At the Chamber After Hours (on Oct. 26, 2022) hosted by FSACF, the board presented a check in the amount of $299,446.17 which included the Neff gift and the remainder of our checking account.”
“On that date, the total in the FSACF account for health care needs would be valued at $543,431.58,” Leek said. “Obviously, accounts invested fluctuate with the market.”
Leek said the Mercy foundation board will be dissolving at the end of this year.

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