Need a family project?

Jennifer Terrell, K-State Extension Agent


In this time of pandemic, many families are trying to find something to do as a family or specifically for their children. I would like to encourage your family to consider being a part of Southwind and Kansas 4-H.


4-H is a great organization to pair with homeschooling and the social distancing we are being asked to do. There are so many great things you may do as a family in 4-H and over 35 projects the family can learn more about together. One of those projects is Environmental Sciences.


This project provides opportunities for youth to engage in learning about environmental science through hands-on, experiential learning experiences in the natural sciences and technology. There’s No New Water! is a water conservation and water quality curriculum grounded in the concept that water is a finite natural resource whose quantity and quality must be responsibly preserved, protected, used and reused.


There is 4-H Curriculum that can be purchased for anyone interested in the Environmental Sciences project. Here is a breakdown of what youth can learn at different levels:


Earth’s Capacity (Ages 11-13)

  • Analyze your environment for abundance and scarcity
  • Determine carrying capacity for a specific area
  • Study global climate change
  • Figure your ecological footprint


Ecosystem Services (ages 11-13)

  • Study where your water comes from
  • Learn how soil is formed
  • Study the energy required to produce food
  • Evaluate recreation and ecotourism


There’s No New Water (ages 14-18)

  • Explore natural water cycle
  • Study human interventions that affect water quality and quantity
  • Analyze rural to urban interventions in water cycle
  • Identify and implement service – learning projects that address local water issues


In addition to the curriculum, youth are also encouraged to utilize the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States website at to find materials for all ages. Each year, youth are able to demonstrate their hard work locally at the county fair in the Miscellaneous Division.


The Environmental Sciences project is a great opportunity for youth to learn important life skills. For more information about this project, contact Jennifer K. Terrell, 4-H Youth Development for K-State Research and Extension – Southwind District at [email protected] or 620-244-3826.


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