National History Day 2019: FSMS

Fort Scott Middle School students attended the National History Day competition June 9-13th in College Park, Maryland.
Katelyn Dancer. Submitted photo.

Participating for the first time were Kaitlyn Leavell, Kaitlin Hardwick and Adelynn Nolan.
From left to right. Kaitlin Hardwick, Adelyn Nolan, Katelyn Dancer, Kaitlyn Leavell.

The group competed in the junior group performance category with a project titled “We will not be silent: the triumph through tragedy of the White Rose Resistance Group”.


Katelyn Dancer competed for her second year at National History Day as a junior individual performance with her project “Radium Girls: triumph despite tragedy”. Dancer received the top junior project award for the Kansas delegation, and finished fourth in the nation in junior individual performance. Both projects were well received by their judges and received high marks.

“After all the hard work, extra practices and numerous revisions of both script and annotated bibliographies, all four girls can’t wait to try again with next year’s theme, ‘Breaking through Barriers’,” Angie Kemmerer said.
State parade of competitors before the National History Day awards ceremony in Maryland. Submitted photo.

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