Lowell Milken Center prepares for Grand Opening

With just a month before the grand opening of its new building on May 24, work continues to install exhibits and other features at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.

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Employees of Exhibit Associates, Inc., of Kansas City—which is responsible for exhibits at a number of museums, corporations and trade shows in multiple states—continue to work to install the exhibits at the new center, including interactive exhibits using sound, video and other technology.

“We’re excited about doing it,” Exhibit Associates President Don Jalbert said.

When approached about the project by Lowell Milken Center Director Norm Conard, Jalbert said one of his first responses was to ask why choose Fort Scott as a location. But when he learned more about the center and its beginnings with a project created by local high school students, Jalbert said he was blown away by the concept and eager to participate.

Megan Felt, program director and one of the founders of the original Unsung Hero project, said the center is preparing for not just visitors from the community for the grand opening, but from across the world, with commitments from the Kansas governor, founder Lowell Milken and project creators and subjects from around the nation and even internationally.

During the week of the grand opening, students who participated in Unsung Hero projects, which feature individuals who made a positive and lasting impact but are often unrecognized for their efforts, will give presentations of their projects, created in the form of documentary film, performance or website.

Four subjects of some of those projects will also speak about their experiences and accomplishments that led to their becoming an Unsung Hero at the Lowell Milken Center.

Felt said the team at the center is excited about the completion of the building located across from the original building on Main Street as well as the festivities that will occur during the week of the grand opening.

Anyone interested in attending the festivities occurring Monday and Tuesday, May 23-24, should contact the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes as space is limited. Fort Scott residents should also be aware that portions of the downtown area will be closed off for the events.

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