Local 19-Year-Old Starts Fashion Business

From left: Addy Labbe, owner; Lindsay Majors, model; Amy Labbe, her mother; Kinlee Batchelor, model; and Karleigh Arndt, model. Photos are by Kelsey Stanley, Addy Labbe and Amy Labbe.
Addy Labbe, 19, is following in her mother’s footsteps and starting her own business, Stylz By Addy.
“I provide great quality, stylish clothing that is super affordable as well as handmade jewelry, shoes, accessories, and more!” she said. “I started my business from my mother’s studio and with her and all her workers’ help. I mostly do Facebook Lives to sell my clothing so that I can show people how everything fits, looks, and feels.”
“I started this business because I have traveled the U.S. selling jewelry with my mother all my life,’ Labbe said.
Her mother is Amy Labbe, owner of Art By Amy, Uniontown, known for her creative jewelry designs.
“I have always loved fashion and traveling with her helped me figure out that I wanted to find a way to grow on that love and bring different fashions to Kansas,” she said.  “We sell my mother’s jewelry at wholesale markets so I figured why not spend my downtime at the Dallas market bringing some of these amazing styles back to Kansas.”
From left: Lindsay Majors, model; Addy Labbe, owner, and model;  Kinlee Batchelor, model; Madi Toth, model, and customer service; Rhian Gorman, model;  and Massiel Ordoñez, model. Submitted photo.
She has been inspired by two women.
“My mother, Art by Amy,” she said.  “She started her business on her own, grew it for the last 20 years, and is still going strong today. She is the hardest working person I know. Every new person she meets she treats with the same kindness as she would treat her dearest loved ones.”
“The other biggest influence in my new business is a woman named Melanie Hutchins, who I consider another amazing mentor,” Labbe said.  “She owns a very successful boutique in Ohio. She has helped me grow and gain confidence in myself and has been a huge support in my business.”
Products can be seen on Stylz By Addy on Facebook and Instagram @stylzbyaddy or email: [email protected]
or phone:620-756-4125.
Addy Labbe, owner of Stylz By Addy. Submitted photo.
Addy Labbe is a Fort Scott High School graduate and still debating a university degree, she said.  “But I know I love what I’m doing right now!”

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  1. You should design some skirts for men as well. You wouldn’t have to do a full line, just a few pieces to see how it goes. Skirts for men are an up and coming trend it seems.

  2. It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ! i was her first free give away winner< a nice credit on your purchases! Her live shows on Facebook are so good, she matches everything for you from earrings to handbags. i love the quality of her clothes. if you love texture, color ,and the latest fashion trends! plus life time basics, you will love her collections. I live in Mississippi and i am a grandmother, and i love her shop—–it suits everybody-every age!

  3. Y’all are AMAZING! This article was written with such true words!!! You ladies are precious ❤️

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