Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen

Submitted by Pete Allen.
Submitted by Pete Allen
This is our new asphalt emulsion storage tank that was delivered yesterday to the public works facility. It is a 7,000 gallon tank that will handle a tanker load of material. It is a companion tool to work with our Total Patcher machine.
This will allow us to make our own asphalt for our SSMP and for filling potholes. This is the new norm for making street and highway repairs and it includes the latest technology in the development of asphalt emulsions.
We will have at our hands, the binder necessary for 250 tons of asphalt that will be heated and constantly agitated for proper care of the emulsion. It will also save us 24 trips to the plant in KC with our truck and patching machine…. that is 24 days of patching instead of driving to KC and back without the cost of transporting the material.
This tanker will put repairs in our hands, instead of an asphalt plant, and at a much cheaper price.
I am very proud and thankful to the governing body for making this purchase.
The tank is being paid for with sales tax revenue. The tank was ordered in March, but as with everything these days, delays caused by material and labor shortages resulted in it just now arriving. It is too late in the season to fill the tank, but it will be erected and ready to go for next season.

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