Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen

Why I feel Fort Scott needs Michael J. Hoyt on the city commission:

Michael is a tireless fighter for upholding the rights of the citizens and holding everyone accountable for theirs actions, 2) He authored and fought for the petition to strike down Charter Ordinance #31 (Ordinance was to make it legal to transfer funds from sanitary sewer income), which the Voters said “NO” by a 2 to 1 margin and freed up over $800,000 for our storm sewers and should double funds for our sanitary sewers, 3) He holds a law degree and uses his knowledge to interpret laws, statutes, ordinances and specifications, 4) He has the backing and support of the silent majority who are tired of the status quo, 5) He strongly believes the 1987 1% city sales tax was to be used for streets and is working hard to get it back onto the ballot to let the Voters decide the issue, 6) He is currently working on clarifying the connecting links agreement with the State of Kansas, which will put the costs of maintenance if highways 54 and 69 within the city limits, into the hands of the State. The agreement has been misinterpreted by both city and state for many years. The agreement is clear as to city and state responsibilities and Michael is the one to make it happen, 7) Michael is also working on the clarification and enforcement of K.S.A 12-825d, which clearly states the revenue from water funds are to be used “to operate, renew or extend the plant or distribution system”, payment of interest and debt, and payment of employee salaries, 8) Michael’s campaign slogan is “Do It Right” 9) Michael has been at the forefront as a volunteer for projects such as helping on the reconstruction of the Woodland Hills tennis courts, both financially and labor, and helping to install the drain behind the wall at Buck Run, 11) Michael is an advocate for Veterans, helping several to be eligible for benefits they could not obtain on their own, 12) He is promoting a GED program for prisoners incarcerated in the County Jail and pushing to establish a vaping information program for our youth in Fort Scott, 13) Michael has attended every commission meeting both city and county and he has a good working relationship with most of the county officials, he will hit the ground running! Michael’s roots run deep in Fort Scott, spending weekends and summers with relatives that lived and worked here and he has relatives buried in the National and Evergreen Cemeteries. Four years ago, Michael moved to Fort Scott to care for his mother and he intends to remain here when she passes. The above statement is made as my right as a citizen of Fort Scott and may not reflect the opinions of other city commissioners, of which I am one.

Signed: Pete Allen, Citizen

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen”

  1. Sounds like Michael should be our City Manager – especially if he is an honest man. Having a City Manager that is honest enough to keep the hands of the commissioners (who govern by the ” good old boy” rule) out of our pockets, see that our current tax dollars are being wisely, efficiently used to repair and build back better this failing community, would be a refreshing notion!

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