Letter To The Editor: Let’s Work Together

Submitted By Jim Kemmerer

Since the elections last year we’ve seen much change, whether in our control or not. Let’s control our future. Let’s work together on the things we want to improve.

Many of the things we want to be better in Bourbon County are why we elect certain people to lead us.

However, we have only so much resources of full-time personnel and funds. Perhaps it’s time for the citizens to assist in order to accomplish what we want.

Street quality is an issue. If it’s possible, can volunteers help the street department when it’s time to do activities volunteers can do such as hand labor (think picking up and placing bricks)?

I don’t know how much time it takes to keep the public lands mowed. When the government mows they can’t do other things. Is there a way to have volunteers help with this task, whether operating their own equipment or the governments?

Many properties in the county have not kept up with their property tax payments. It’s currently not illegal since the collection of such taxes are behind by more than a year. Perhaps a plan should be developed to get caught up sooner than later. It’s funding that’s available without needing to raise the tax rate. What resources are needed to get caught up, and how can volunteers help accomplish this task?

The care of private properties sometimes doesn’t meet codes yet continues on a wide scale due to a lack of resources, mainly time and personnel. Is there a way to have volunteers help the Codes Department accomplish their tasks?

All are appreciative of the assistance private and public ‘help’ groups provide. When public funds are used to fund such groups perhaps the groups ensure as much as possible that the funds are used for those truly in need. And for those that are helped by the groups, perhaps they should help the groups continue their work.

In today’s world there is a large amount of information needed to be understood and followed when doing projects such as what the Water Department and Streets are involved with. Perhaps there ought to be multiple people including volunteers learn and understand the guidelines to assist when needed and keep the knowledge available when changes in personnel occurs.

Long story short, we only have a certain amount of funds, people, and time provided by the government bodies.


Instead of talk, complain, and watch our limited resources try to do what we’d like done, let’s take action ourselves under the direction of our leaders once they determine what volunteers can participate in.

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