Letter to the Editor: Allen Schellack

On behalf of the Salvation Army, I have been truly amazed at the generosity of the contributions received this year. Because of you, the wonderful people of Bourbon County, we have raised $11,398.00, which goes to help our neighbors here in Bourbon County. Since our local partnership with the Salvation Army began in 2015, this was our best year ever.

Thank you for those who donated through our Red Kettles outside of Walmart, to those who gave at our mini-kettles at 5 Corners and Dairy Queen, and to those who mailed in checks. No mattter the size of your donation, whether it be pocket change, you demonstrate that you are willing to help others

Of course, this would not be possible without the numerous individuals and families who came out multiple times, our school and civic groups, as well as the Bourbon County Sheriffs Dept standing in front of Walmart ringing the bells for several evenings.

The Salvation Army is here for you and your neighbors. Because of your giving, The Salvation Army can continue to help your neighbors with Disaster Relief, Rent and Utilities, prescriptions, temporary lodging, gasoline for work and doctors appointments, plus other miscellaneous needs. This is money that will stay in Bourbon County to help those in need for the next year.

Next year, I would like to invite you to come and ring the bells and help our neighbors. Each year, people come to help and return the following year. You will find that it is truly a blessing. Thank you again for your service and generosity for helping The Salvation Army in “Doing The Most Good.”

Allen Schellack

Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries

Bourbon County Salvation Army Extension Unit

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