Legislative Update By State Senator Caryn Tyson

January 20, 2023


Property Tax Relief  Just a reminder from my update last week about tax relief programs passed by the legislature last year that the applications are now available.  The link for the application for property tax relief for low income seniors and disabled veterans is posted at https://www.ksrevenue.gov/pdf/k-40svr.pdf and the application for some property tax relief for businesses shut-down or negatively impacted by the Governor’s shutdown during COVID is at https://www.kdor.ks.gov/Apps/Misc/PropTaxAssistance/StoreFront You may also call KDOR at 785-368-8222 or e-mail [email protected] with questions about the programs and applications.

Kansas Department of Revenue || COVID Property Tax Assistance


Official Website of the Kansas Department of Revenue


Sales Tax Holiday on School Supplies  The Senate Tax Committee held hearings to establish one weekend in the year that “school supply” purchases could be exempt from state sales tax.  Years ago, myself and others worked on this legislation.  As a result, Fort Scott created a local sales tax holiday and have been doing so for over 10 years.  Many Kansans go to Missouri and Oklahoma to make these purchases.  It would not only help families with students, all persons purchasing the supplies on the defined weekend would qualify for the exemption if the bill becomes law as written.


Income Tax Savings , We passed a law last year allowing a workaround from a federal tax law that capped State and Local Tax (SALT) itemized deductions at $10,000, and our law provided a path for Kansans to take these deductions on approximately $130 million dollars.  Basically, it saved Kansans on their federal tax returns while not impacting the amount of state or local taxes collected. It was reported to the Senate Tax Committee that some members of the U.S. Congress are trying to remove the $10,000 cap, but until it is removed there is still a workaround in Kansas.


Government Picking Winners and Losers  In Senate Commerce Committee and the Joint Post Audit Committee there were presentations on big business tax incentive programs.  Twenty-eight companies were selected to respond to questions, such as “would you have proceeded with their project as planned, even without the incentive?”  Of the respondents, 11 (37%) said they would have preceded with the project – the incentives did not affect their business decision.  Instead of government picking ‘winners and losers’, we should try to level the playing field and lower taxes for all, making Kansas a competitive market for business and individuals to be successful.  The full report can be found at:


The information will be presented to the Senate Tax Committee Tuesday, January 24.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.



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