Legislative Update by State Senator Caryn Tyson

Caryn Tyson


May 27, 2022


The legislature was called back on May 23.  In an unusual move, a motion was made to end the 2022 session, sine die.  Even though it was an abrupt end to session, we were able to complete some important work that day.


The legislature overrode two of the Governor’s vetoes.  One was legislation that would prevent the Governor or the Secretary of State from altering election procedure without the consent of the legislature since the legislature is responsible for authoring election laws.  The Senate override vote was 27 to 10.  I voted Yes.  The House also passed the override so the legislation will become law.  The other veto override was on legislation that would stop the Governor from closing churches during an emergency as she did in 2020 and it would stop a new contract from being let for the KanCare system until January 31, 2023.  The KanCare contract will be a multi-billion dollar contract and will define medical assistance programs in Kansas.  After the current Governor and Administration signed a multi-million dollar contract with a foreign owned company to replace the Unemployment system, it raises questions and a super majority of Representatives and Senators thought it best to delay this decision until 2023.  I voted Yes.  The legislation will become law.


The legislature passed tax Conference Committee Reports (CCR) 2136, stopping the accelerated/pre-payment of sales tax so businesses only pay sales tax on actual sales, allows Atchison County to vote on a county-wide sales tax, delays the delivery and postage sales tax for one year to 6/1/2023, and establishes a reimbursement program for store front businesses to receive up to 1/3 of their property tax due if they were shut down during COVID (remember some government officials deemed them “non-essential”).  It is capped at $5,000 per business location.  The Department of Revenue will be establishing the application and monitoring the program.  It passed the Senate unanimously and with one No vote in the House.  The Governor could veto the bill and there would be no chance to override since the 2022 session is over.


All bills that did not pass both chambers died May 23rd.  It was odd, because some bills had been negotiated in conference committee (representatives from the House and Senate) and were voted on in one chamber but not the other.  A couple of examples are CCR 331 and CCR 2597.  Both reports had been signed but for some reason, leadership in one or the other chamber did not recognize or make the motion to move the legislation forward.  Myself and others worked diligently on some of this legislation, so we most likely will see it next year.  The Senate passed CCR 2597, removing income tax on Social Security, decreasing income tax on retirement income, increasing the standard deduction based on inflation, removing state sales tax on commercial electric and other utilities, and other tax cuts.  The House didn’t to take action on it.


A Senate Resolution defending American Sovereignty and denouncing the U.S. Administration’s proposed amendments to the World Health Organization (WHO) that could be used to justify economic and financial actions against a target nation that does not heed lockdowns, mandates, vaccine passports, and digital health surveillance imposed by the WHO.  The Resolution passed on a voice vote.  I voted Yes.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.


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