Kobach statement regarding Governor’s decision not to enforce SB 180


In response to the Governor announcing she will not comply with the changes commanded by SB 180, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach released the following statement:

“The Governor has stated that SB 180 changes nothing with respect to drivers licenses and birth certificates. That is nonsense. The Legislature passed SB 180 and overrode Governor Kelly’s veto specifically to ensure that those documents reflect biological sex at birth. The Governor doesn’t get to veto a bill and then ignore the Legislature’s override. She is violating her oath of office to uphold Kansas law. We will see her in court.”

One thought on “Kobach statement regarding Governor’s decision not to enforce SB 180”

  1. Failure to carry out one’s duty as specified in the state constitution is an impeachable offense. At what point do we begin to hold these lawless elected officials accountable?

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