Knights of Columbus Annual Friday Fish Fry Starts Today

The men of Knights of Columbus Council #796 serve the Lenten meal in February 2020.

The Knights of Columbus will host their annual Lenten Fish Fry each Friday starting today.

The March 4th & 11th meals will be drive-thru only.

“The first two (Friday meals) will be a practice run since we only did two last year,” Mark McCoy, spokesman for the group said. The COVID 19 Pandemic prevented more meals served.

The drive-thru starts at 5 pm and serves until 6:30 pm.

The ladies of Mary Queen of Angel parish bake wonderful desserts and many varieties of cakes, pies, and cookies will be offered.

A row of homemade desserts are offered at the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 2020.

The menu is:

1 – Catfish, French fries, and coleslaw
2 – Catfish, cod, French fries, and coleslaw
3 – Cod, French fries, and coleslaw
2020 Lenten Fish Fry at Kennedy Hall.

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  1. How much r meals and where to order, or are all three dinners available each friday? Thx u

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