KISS is Coming to Fort Scott, Almost

Almost Kiss. Submitted photo.

For those who love American Hard Rock Music, there is a show for you this weekend in Fort Scott.

KISS, the original group formed in the 1970s is known for such hits as  “Rock and Roll All Nite” and “Black Diamond,” according to its website.

A group considered talented enough to be endorsed by Gene Simmons, one of the original KISS members, Almost KISS will be performing this Saturday, November 18,  at 7 p.m. at  Fort Scott’s  Memorial Hall, Third Street and National Avenue.

To order tickets:

Memorial Hall at Third and National Avenue.

Almost KISS are four devoted KISS fans and they choose to pay homage to the famous band in their shows, according to their website.

This entertainment event and others throughout the year have been organized by Advance Bourbon County.

Cory Bryars, Brad Matkin, and Josh Jones were having a conversation earlier in the year.

“Brad mentioned this tribute band, Almost Kiss,” Jones, spokesman for the Advance Bourbon County group, said. “Then he started reminiscing about his old rock and roll days. I have even talked Brad into having full Kiss makeup on during this event. So that itself is worth the admission fee.”

“With ABC, I have no set agenda on acts or events that I prefer,” he said. “Our main thing early on is to try as many different types of events as possible and see which ones gather the most attention. Then as we move into 2024 we will be more selective on which events we bring in. It’s just a way of giving back to a community that we love being part of. We have a beautiful venue and the most wonderful people around and it’s our hope we can now start drawing in outside people to our community to see what we can offer.”

Josh Jones.

Advance Bourbon County is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation whose purpose is to make Bourbon County a better place through events and fundraising opportunities, according to its website.

“We will be announcing our upcoming events for 2024. We plan on doing about 6-8 events in 2024,” Josh Jones said.

The ABC recently organized a renovation of the waiting room in Memorial Hall, which is used by entertainers when they are offstage.

Aaron Judy with H2 Painting, Jeff Allen Electric, Fort Scott Fire Department, Flowers by Leanna, and Stoughton’s Plumbing helped with the project.
The work was done with volunteer work and some donated materials.
“Memorial Hall is such a big asset to our community and Advance Bourbon County is excited to play a part in helping fix it up,” Jones said.



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