Jayhawk Wind Farm Update: On Track For Completion This Year

Submitted photo by Apex Clean Energy. A crane stands next to a Jayhawk Wind turbine.

The Jayhawk Wind energy project workers are currently constructing the wind turbines in Bourbon and Crawford counties, with a completion date expected in late 2021.

Submitted photo. A crane next to a wind turbine in Bourbon County.

The following questions were answered by Patrick Chilton, Apex Public Engagement Manager, Apex Clean Energy, Inc., Charlottesville, VA

Where are the currently completed wind turbines located?

We have erected six turbines so far. Four are in the southwest corner of the project, in Crawford County, and two in the northwest corner, in Bourbon County.

The first wind turbine in Bourbon County, located at 20th and Eagle Road in the southwest corner of the county.

What is the timeline of the project currently?

As previously expected, we are on track to complete the construction of Jayhawk Wind by December of 2021.

How many turbines will there be? What are their dimensions?

There will be 70 turbines built once construction is completed. That represents no change from the project design as permitted. These turbines are 584 feet from the base to the tip of the blade at its highest point.

A Jayhawk Wind Turbine in Bourbon County from the distance.

How many employees are there?

There are more than 250 employees working on the various elements of construction for Jayhawk Wind.

What are the contractors’ names and where are they from?

IEA is the Balance of Plant (BOP) contractor for Jayhawk Wind, and they have many sub-contractors working with them. We don’t disclose those contractors for their proprietary reasons.

Sunset over the wind turbine at 20th and Eagle Road in Bourbon County.

Hwy. 3 from Hwy. 39 to Hwy. 47 is in pretty bad shape because of all the tear-up laying new lines, when can the public see this remedied?

While the work being done on Highways 3 and 39 is in our project area, it is not because of our construction work. The maintenance work is being done by KDOT and is happening now because of recent funding from the state.



The following is from Priscilla Peterson, Kansas Department of Transportation Public Affairs Manager, Southeast District:

KDOT replaced the crossroad pipes under K-3, and have patched the areas afterward.

Crossroad pipes are drainage structures that carry water from one side of the road to the other side.

“We replace the deteriorating pipes as needed,” she said. “If a pipe collapses, the roadway can no longer carry traffic or drain properly.”



2 thoughts on “Jayhawk Wind Farm Update: On Track For Completion This Year”

  1. This should be full transparency of the local contractors as this was stated when Jayhawk wind had lobbied for the county to approve their project. Aldo, how much does it cost the county once the turbines are operational when there is no wind?

  2. 70 turbines and not a single volt going to lower our energy cost. We just get to look at the ugly things for the next 20-25 years.

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