Historic Buildings Are Given New Life

11 N. Main.

Eddie Townley and his wife, Susan, have purchased two historic buildings in downtown Fort Scott.

Ed and Susan Townley with their daughters from left Cheyanne Griffin, Dani Townley and Ella Townley. Pictured in the store front before the renovation of the building at 11 N. Main began in November 2021.

One, 11 N. Main,  is now completed and put to use, the other, 12 N. Main is on the agenda for updating.

11 N. Main seen through the front window. May 2022.

11 N. Main is the former Books and Grannies Book Store which was purchased in January 2021, while 12 N. Main is the former Country Cupboard.

11 N. Main as seen from the back door on Skubitz Plaza. May 2022.

At 11 N. Main, “We emptied it out, rearranged some walls, and made an ADA compliant bathroom on the first floor,” Townley said. “We also did painting, new flooring and painted the ceiling.”

“It turned out really nice,” he said. “It is rented by a Fort Scott Greyhound legacy group, as a gathering place.”

The building has about 1,700 square feet on the first floor. The second floor is a later project, he said.

12 N. Main, the former Country Cupboard

12 N. Main is slated for renovation completion in the summer of 2022, according to new owner Eddie Townley.

12 N. Main was purchased by the Townleys in December 2021.

“We are going to give it a good facelift and bring it up to date,” he said. “Bathrooms, flooring, painting.” The timeline is summer 2022 completion.

“The Country Cupboard was a great building with good bones,” Townley said.

This building use is undetermined as yet, Townley said.

12 N. Main was formerly the Country Cupboard, a decades old business which was an anchor in the historic Fort Scott Downtown.

Townley said he “wants to see the downtown come back to life,” and wants to be active in the revitalization.

“We would, like the Renard’s want to be involved in the community,” he said.

Judy and John Renard owned the Country Cupboard for many decades and was an anchor store in downtown Fort Scott.

To view more history of the building:

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  1. Can’t find any info on the Ft Scott Greyhound legacy group.
    What is it and what do they do that they need to rent a space?

    1. Today a feature will be published on the Fort Scott Greyhound Legacy Center on fortscott.biz

  2. You have a great family doing this work for you. They are one great family and their work is always fantastic. Keep them busy.

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