Here We Go Again Upholstery open for business

As the name of her shop implies, Mary Eastwood has been in the upholstery business for quite some time–37 years, in fact. “It has a double meaning,” Eastwood said of the name. “Here we go again moving, and here we go again furniture.” The Eastwood family returned to Fort Scott about 4 years ago, and are now sharing their talents with the community once again. Customers may recognize Eastwood’s work, as it has been featured in the Vintage Junk Trunk in the past. The new shop is located at 9 N. Main in downtown Fort Scott. Her unique blend of the classic and modern makes her furniture appeal to a wide variety of decor styles, including shabby chic, Western and patchwork.



Eastwood began to do upholstery work when her mother purchased an existing business from a friend. Eastwood said she learned how to upholster by doing. “Tear it up and put it back together–that’s the only way to learn,” Eastwood said. When asked about her decision to locate her business downtown, Eastwood said that she had started out with the Vintage Junk Trunk and had done well in the downtown area. “I love to see the business doors opening,” Eastwood said. Eastwood added that her favorite part of being a downtown business is “just seeing the people all day long.” “I love it!,” Eastwood said.

Here We Go Again Upholstery sells a variety of items, from re-purposed furniture to handmade scarves, purses, and affordable clothing and jewelry. The shop also features the work of Marion Eastwood, Mary’s husband, who creates whimsical light fixtures from mason jars, colanders, and other re-purposed household items. One charming chandelier currently in the shop is comprised of a mason jar and an old bicycle wheel.



One of the best things about the shop is that the merchandise is largely, if not completely, of local origin. “We want things [in the shop] that local people have made,” Eastwood said. In addition, Eastwood also repairs furniture out of her shop, and even makes house calls to repair larger items that cannot be moved.

In the future, Eastwood said she would like to expand the floor space in her shop and get involved in the Good O’l Days. Eastwood said Dusty James, who sells items in her shop, suggested expanding into the room in the back of the building.

The friendly atmosphere and unique affordable products available from Here We Go Again Upholstery make for a very pleasant shopping experience. Be sure to stop by and look around!



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