Everything Pets offers supplies, furry friends

Upon walking into Everything Pets, a customer is met with the clean environment for the animals that is no doubt the work of owner Dawn Bryant and her family. Birds chirped happily in one corner, while several playful kittens and puppies enjoyed the company provided by visitors to the store.


Bryant began her business to better serve pet lovers in the community. She said that her family has lots of animals, and that they were “just tired of going to the city for things.” Bryant said, “A hermit crab actually started it.” Since the crab needed a bigger shell and the then existing pet store did not have the shell available, Bryant realized that there existed a need in the community for a pet store that served a wider variety of customers.


When asked what her favorite part was of being a business owner, Bryant said, “We love working with the animals. Playing with the puppies and birds is therapeutic. Interaction with people just makes it better.”

Though Everything Pets is a business, it does an important humane service to the community by finding homes for local kittens. The kittens are housed safely in a clean environment and provided with fresh food, water and other necessities while they wait to find a home.

The store offers more than puppies and kittens, however. The newest addition to the line-up is micro mini pigs. These tiny pigs grow to be just 20-30 pounds rather than the several hundred pounds a full-sized pig would weigh.

Bryant also wanted readers to know that Jenny Guilfoyle is now grooming for Everything Pets.

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