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May 2019 – Newsletter

Upcoming Events

May 7, 6:00

Poetry Contest Reception

Winners Announced / Poetry Read

Light Refreshments served

Pirates Ahoy! May 11

2nd Saturday Storytime

10:30 a.m. presented by

FSHS Thespians

Notes from the typewriter:

  • As a child I would sit and watch my mother type on a Remington like this one, at 125 words per minute. The words would just appear on the page so fast, and she could watch her other 5 kids at the same time. Good memories. – Don Flanner
  • Spring Time – The wind is blowing & the suns showing, time for shorts & sunglasses ice tea in my hand, the flowers grow away baseball games only

begun life is good…

  • I love reading so much

I love hedgehog ink

it is very cool abby

  • i am the hedgehog queen. i love hedgehogs more than anything they are awesome. emma
  • The three best things are …Dogs, books, and coffee – Wendy
  • this moment is all that is. make it yours.
  • books can take you to a whole new world
  • I have always LOVED to hear the clack of the keys striking the paper. My high school typig teacher covered keys with blank caps an from that time on my timed typings were in the RED. This is a lost art…..

* * *

We can special order books for you.

May 23, 2019 – 6:00 p.m.

Author Talk and Book Signing

Carol Russell – Writer/Speaker

Back in Time Series

-Brianna Meets Miss Addie

May 23, 2019 – 6:00 p.m.

Author Talk and Book Signing

Carol Russell – Writer/Speaker

Back in Time Series

-Brianna Meets Miss Addie

-Brianna Meets Lemonade Lucy

-Brianna Meets Sybil

Introducing her newest book: Jackson’s Run – 13 year old Jackson and his 6-year old sister, run from the plantation heading for Canada. Learn more about Jackson and Carol’s other books on May 23, 2019.

Donation Cart:

A cart of sale books is placed in front of the store each day we are open. During the month of April, donations for garden books on the rack were made to the Tri-Valley Horticulture program.

During May, the donations will go to FSHS Thespians to help raise funds for their summer state and international competitions. Congratulations Thespians!

Celebrating Mother’s Day:

Bring in an apron, yours, your mother’s, grandmother’s or one you bought at a garage sale. Be sure you label it in some way with your name.

Aprons will be on display May 1- May 15. All cookbooks will be on sale–50% off.

Thank you for sharing your aprons with others in the community.

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