Health Survey: Info Needed To Provide Grants For Local Entities

Jody Hoener, CEO of the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team.

The Healthy Bourbon Action Team has created a community health needs survey to provide future grants to entities such as local governments, businesses, and schools.

The data needed for the grants must come from the community they serve.

“We need you to inform our work,” said Jody Hoenor, CEO of the team. “Take the community health needs survey today and earn $10 to spend at Fort Scott Farmers’ Market or Uniontown’s Union Station!”

Click here to take the survey:

The following is from an interview with Hoener:

What is the survey intended for?

“The survey is part of a bigger community health needs assessment.  With this survey, we are getting information straight from our community member’s mouths on our health and wellness needs.  As the saying goes, ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth.’  This information tells us where we need to focus our time, efforts, and financial resources.  To put it bluntly: Where should we direct our money?”


How long will it take to do the survey?

“The survey can take up to 20 minutes to complete.  We realize this can be a long survey.  We are giving $10 vouchers to Farmers Market or Uniontown’s Union Station for responding to the survey because we understand there is some time spent on it.”


How will this survey benefit the community?

“This survey will provide the primary data for grant requests.  We help write grants for local governments, businesses, schools, — the whole community.  Because of the last community health needs assessment in 2016, we were awarded the BCBS Pathways to Healthy Kansas Grant.  Since then we have brought in close to $2 million.  This money is directed to projects throughout the entire county.”


The following are provided by Hoener as examples of previous grants :

“In Uniontown: Union Station Gas Station and Convenience Store was awarded grant funds around 2017 for promoting locally produced food.

Uniontown City Council drafted a plan for sidewalks and biking.

“Uniontown’s School District USD 235 was awarded funds for the flashing crosswalk, water bottle filling stations, healthy vending machine, brand new gym equipment, and money for the locker room/shower

Other examples:

“Worksites throughout the county received $12,500 for worksite wellness equipment

“16 Local grocery stores and restaurants were awarded grant dollars to encourage healthier environments and promote local food.

“Bike share was started with the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce.

“Fort Scott’s School District .USD 234 was awarded funds for exercise equipment, the FSHS courtyard, and water bottle filling stations.

“Financial support for events like the Maramaton Massacre (a bike race event), Farm to Table events, and others that boost community morale and encourage healthy behaviors.

“Water bottle stations (still yet to come, grant funds have been given to the City of Fort Scott to purchase) throughout the community parks in Bronson, Uniontown, and Fort Scott.

“Lights for safe walking at trails like Riverfront Park and the Fort Scott Community College walking trail.

“FSCC received grant funding for the 24-hour access employee gym.

“The Bourbon County Courthouse has an entire workout room with weights, treadmill, and more.

“Trail equipment purchased to build and maintain walking or biking trails.

“The Nazarene Church was awarded $16,000 to start a truck farm and a program to mentor and help those on the outskirts of society (led by David Goodyear).

“Funds granted to Chamber of Commerce’s LEAD program to put together a Downtown Walking Trail that will have historical markers and education along the route in Downtown Fort Scott.”

“Plus lots more.  We are constantly seeking grant funding to help our Bourbon County community members. We want to use our resources where the community tells us it is needed.”


What is the expected outcome?

“Many other community law enforcement agencies, governments, school districts, and non-profit organizations use these assessments and surveys to apply for outside funding.  It will help every local entity with needed financial support for operations, programs, and projects.”


Who is collaborating with the survey?

“We are working with the University of Kansas on the community health needs assessment.  They are paid through our Blue Cross Blue Shield KansasPathways Grant to help us with this process.   The survey responses go directly to KU and are 100% anonymous.  We are also collaborating locally with Ascension Via Christi and Community Health Centers of South East Kansas.”


Where can interested people get a hold of the survey?

“We are seeking 60% of all households to complete a survey.  The survey link is on our website at  Tablets and stands to fill out surveys are available at Via Christi Emergency Room and Primary Care Office (Dr. Burke), Uniontown’s Union Station, and soon to be placed at Community Health Centers of Southeast Kansas primary care in Fort Scott.  Anyone is free to reach out to me at [email protected] for a paper survey.”


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