Governor Issues Executive Orders for Renewals and Notaries

Governor Kelly issues Executive Orders to aid Kansans during COVID-19 pandemic 


As she discussed during her press briefing, Governor Laura Kelly today issued two new executive orders as part of her administration’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Due to the obstacles created by social distancing for Kansans whose work requires the renewal of a license, certificate, permit or registration, Executive Order #20-19 extends professional and occupational licenses for the remainder of the pandemic.  


Under the order, all state agencies shall extend renewal deadlines for any occupational or professional license that has expired – or will expire – during this disaster. Licenses will remain valid as long as the disaster declaration is in effect, and for 90 days after it expires.  


“Thousands of licensed workers are officing from home in an effort to follow guidance from public health officials,” Kelly said. “This order will ensure those Kansans are not hampered by licensing problems that they are powerless to solve under our present circumstances, so they can continue to do their jobs safely from home.”  


The measure also waives any late penalties or expiration fees, and it extends deadlines for continuing education requirements.  


The governor also issued Executive Order #20-20, which will temporarily allow notaries and witnesses to do their jobs remotely, through audio-video communication technology.  


“Our economy is at a standstill at the moment,” the Governor said. “But to the extent that we can, it’s important to find ways for Kansans to continue safely entering into contracts, filing marriage licenses, updating wills and handling other personal health care directives while still adhering to social distancing protocols.”  


Executive Order #20-19 can be found here.


Executive Order #20-20 can be found here.  

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