Governor Colyer Unveils Child Support Evaders Initiative

TOPEKA – Governor Jeff Colyer is pleased to announce a new initiative to increase child support collections for Kansas families and children.

On Thursday, Gov. Colyer, along with Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Gina Meier-Hummel and others unveiled the Child Support Evaders webpage. The webpage features nearly a dozen individuals who owe back child support in excess of $5,000 each.

“Child support is a key component to a families’ economic stability,” said Governor Colyer. “Far too many families in our state are left to rely on public assistance when the other parent should be supporting their children financially and emotionally. I am hopeful that this program encourages those who are behind on child support payments to work with us and take advantage of the services we offer to help them meet their commitments, including fatherhood grants, arrears programs, electronic payments and access to GED and career training.”

The evader webpage is housed on the DCF website, where the public can view the photos of some evaders, along with the number of children for whom support is court ordered, and the total amount of back child support owed per evader. Evaders listed will be updated on a quarterly basis. Kansas joins other states such as Texas and Arizona in implementing child support evader initiatives.

“We are here to help Kansas families obtain the child support that is owed them,” said DCF Secretary Gina Meier-Hummel. “We are also here to encourage non-custodial parents to get involved, because we know that parents who support their children financially are also more involved in their children’s lives in other ways, leading to better outcomes.”

DCF’s Child Support Services (CSS) is charged with establishing and enforcing child support obligations for 140,000 cases. Over the last decade, the caseload has increased by 7 percent. Last federal fiscal year, CSS collected $205.7 million. However, in that same time period, $840 million remained owed to Kansas families. For every $1 spent on the child support program, $5.90 is collected for child support.

To report the whereabouts of a child support evader, log onto You can also call 1-888-7-KS-CHILD (1-888-757-2445). Tips can be submitted unanimously.

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