FSHS Reunion Back On Track: Starts June 24

All the graphics courtesy of the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce.
The upcoming Fort Scott High School All Class Reunion has been in the making for about three years.
Fort Scott High School.
“We have been planning since 2019,” Lori Potter Farmer, FSHS Alumni President said.  “The regularly scheduled reunion would have been in 2020, however with (the) COVID (pandemic) we’ve had to bump it back twice.”
 “FSHS alumni has the all school reunion every five years on the 5,” she said.  “Our next scheduled reunion will be in 2025, barring any problems.”
“The purpose (of the reunion) is to bring as many alumni back to one location, as well as their home town to gather with friends and family,” she said.  “The alumni board works really hard to get as many people back as possible and to plan a great weekend for everyone.”
“Seeing those you went to school with most of your childhood is always a great time,” Farmer said.  “Memories from the past are shared as well as new memories are made.  It’s always fun to drag out the old annuals and look at pictures of classmates as well as teachers from the past.”
Registration starts at 9 a.m. on June 24 at the Fort Scott High School Gym.

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  1. I know this is High School Reunion, but since the High School looks like it was built yesterday and has lost the charm it once had, I want to let everyone know that as the owner of the Old Middle School, you are all welcome to take pictures in front of, or on the steps, or anywhere you want on the Old Middle School grounds.

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