FSHS New Basketball Coach: Clint Heffern

 Clint Heffern, 26, was hired by Fort Scott High School to be the new head basketball coach, high school social studies, and physical education teacher.
Heffern has spent the last three years teaching and has been an assistant football, basketball, baseball coach at St. Mary’s Colgan in Pittsburg, KS.
He graduated from Iola High School in 2012, Allen Community College in 2014  where he played basketball and baseball, and then Pittsburg State University where he graduated in 2017.
 Chuck and Linda Heffern are his parents.  He has an older brother Chris, and a younger brother, Colton.
His interests are sports, being active, getting outdoors, and hunting.
How did you become an educator?
“My mother was my sixth-grade math teacher, so early on that kind of influenced me. Then, I had several great teachers and coaches along the way that were great role models for me and helped guide me into education.”
Is there someone who inspired you to teach?
“My mother and my coaches growing up. I knew that I wanted to stay involved with sports after high school and teaching/coaching seemed like a good platform to do what I love.”
What is the best part of teaching for you?
“The relationships with the kids. Being with the kids every day, you build some pretty solid relationships with them. It is really cool to experience the ups and downs of life with them and see how they grow into great young adults.”
Clint Heffern coaching St. Mary’s Colgan basketball. Submitted photo.
What are the greatest challenges?

“Being with the kids every day, oftentimes you do see the good along with the bad that they experience as high school kids. It is challenging to see them experience the bad times because some of those bad times can be very difficult for the kids to navigate as high school kids. But, ultimately, a lot of those bad times help shape them into quality young adults in the future.”

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