FSCC plans to renovate Bailey Hall with generous contribution


Fort Scott Community College was established on the second floor of the Fort Scott High School in 1919. In 1967, FSCC rehoused onto 150-acres of land in what was called the Academic Building with 581 students enrolled. FSCC continued to expand, adding buildings throughout the years as enrollment numbers grew. In 2011, the Academic Building was renamed to Bailey Hall after Robert and Sylvia Bailey, both former Greyhounds.

Bailey Hall, being the original and oldest building on campus, is due for some renovations and FSCC plans to start putting a plan in action after a generous contribution from Robert and Sylvia Bailey who also encourage other to contribute to the cause:

“We feel strongly that those of us who are financially able should contribute to FSCC, a ‘jewel’ that is making a critical impact on the Fort Scott and Bourbon County economy. FSCC permits large numbers of young people to build the skills required to get good paying jobs immediately. And for those who want a four-year degree, FSCC enables students to fulfill the first two years of college study at a fraction of the cost of four-year institutions. Students simply do not need to run up huge debts to get a good education. FSCC is the biggest bargain in higher education. I found in my own career that my first two years at FSCC were never a handicap and may well have served as an advantage to this poor Garland farm boy”, says Robert Bailey.

Funds will be placed in reserves until enough funds are accumulated for the full renovation project of Bailey Hall.

The generous gift from our faithful supporters, Robert and Sylvia Bailey, has a huge impact on our students by providing the funds for a quality educational environment. We are very humbled to have Bob and Sylvia as FSCC alumni, and we will work hard to honor their donation by strategically using the funds to improve our teaching and learning environment”, says President of FSCC, Alysia Johnston.


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