FSCC Heads Into Next Century

Fort Scott Community College has been a part of the community for over 100 years and it is looking to help future generations find their career path.

“Even though we are in an era of declining enrollment in Kansas colleges and universities; I am very positive about the future of FSCC due to the fact we have great faculty and staff that make student learning and student success their mission,”  FSCC President Alysia Johnston said. “We are also extremely fortunate to have an incredibly supportive community and Board of Trustees, which is greatly appreciated.”

On January 13, the spring semester at the college began.

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A recent 2019 Annual Report Centennial Edition gave glimpses of events throughout the years and named current offerings as well.

Thirty-seven fields of study are available to students: agriculture, art, biological science, business, certified medication aide, certified nurse aid, chemistry, computer science, construction trades, cosmetology, criminal justice, education, emergency medical technician, engineering, English, environmental water technology, farm and ranch management, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Technology, heating-ventilation-air conditioning, history, home health aide, John Deere Technology, mathematics,  manicuring, masonry, music, nursing, phlebotomy, physical education, physical science, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, speech, theater, and welding.

FSCC’s John Deere Progam has been recognized as a College of Tomorrow awardee by John Deere, Inc. The honor was earned because of program excellence, instructor development, internships, and facilities, according to the annual report.

The college marked 15 years in partnership with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. FSCC offers technician training in a hands-on Harley Davidson approved environment, equipping students with both knowledge and soft skills.

FSCC’s Nursing Program was ranked 2nd in Kansas because of its overall affordability and exemplary NCLEX pass rates after evaluating 36 nursing programs in the state.

In the college’s annual report, much has been accomplished in just the last year.

In 2019 FSCC initiated its eSports program, joining in a nation-wide growing collegiate sport: competitive video gaming. The FSCC eSports team helps students improve their gaming performance, social and leadership skills, according to the annual report.


Also, last year the college added onto the Burris Building, which gives FSCC agriculture program room for future growth.

Burris Hall on the campus of FSCC was expanded and the old section updated in 2019.

FSCC welcomed the new director of the Gordon Parks Museum, Kirk Sharp, after being a part of the Gordon Parks committee for over a decade. Kirk will work to advance the legacy and memory of visionary artist Gordon Parks.

Gordon Parks Museum Executive Director Kirk Sharp, center, looks over donated photos of the film “The Learning Tree” with onlookers during the Gordon Parks Celebration in Oct. 2019.

Sports Added

Women’s golf and track and field programs were added to the college in 2019.


New Board of Trustees Members

Two new board of trustees were elected in Nov. 2019: Dave Elliott and Kirk Hart. A third trustee Bill Meyer was selected to fill the vacancy of his wife, Liz, who died at the end of 2019.




“The expectation for 2020 is to continue to meet the needs of our students, community, faculty, and staff, as well as all of our stakeholders,” FSCC President Alysia Johnston said.

FSCC retiree Carolyn Sinn, from left, and FSCC Centennial speaker Gina Shelton, help FSCC Class of 1941 graduate Esther Sewell cut the Centennial Celebration cake while President Alysia Johnston, along with centennial speakers Mark Muller, Marcel Normand and Jim Barrows watch in the background, in September 2019.

Some of the events in 2020 include:

Bailey Hall

The fundraising for the renovation of Bailey Hall at the college continues.

“We have a plan for Bailey Hall renovation with a price tag of around one million dollars,” Johnston said.  “However, until we have more money we will not begin the project and we have no timeline for now.  We hope to use the money donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bailey as seed money to receive more dollars.”

“All gifts would be greatly appreciated and people can contact our Chief Development Officer, Jeff Tadtman, 620 223-2700 ext. 5830 [email protected]


Men’s Golf

The college will start a men’s golf program in August 2020.




“Accreditation is critical to the college as it allows us not only to ensure we are Title IV eligible (federal student financial aid), but we maintain high quality and transferable courses and programs,” Johnston said. “Accreditation is a peer-review, self-regulatory process by which non-governmental associations recognize educational institutions or programs that have been found to meet or exceed standards and criteria for educational quality. ”

“Accreditation also assists in the further improvement of the institutions or programs as related to resources invested, processes followed, and results achieved.”

” We will have our first Assurance Argument due this June under the Higher Learning Commissions (HLC) Open Pathway accreditation, and we have a committee that has been working on documentation and narrative for the Assurance Argument for at least a year.”

“We were fortunate to be placed in the Open Pathway accreditation model when we received our 10-year accreditation from HLC in 2016. The Open Pathway is a less prescriptive model for accreditation and allows us to determine our own path of continuous improvement.”


Nursing Program Evaluation

“The Nursing Program is scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN),” Johnston said. “ACEN is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) as a specialized accrediting agency for nursing education programs located in the United States and its territories.”



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