FS Air Force Veteran Raymond Streeter Honored at K.U. Basketball Game Jan. 21

Raymond Streeter is honored during a Kansas University Men’s Basketball Game on Jan. 21. Submitted photo.

Raymond Streeter, 82, of Fort Scott, was recognized on January 21, 2023, during a Kansas University Men’s Basketball game, for his service in the Air Force.

Streeter was recognized and honored during the Jan. 21, 2023 K.U. Men’s Basketball Game. Submitted photo.

Marnie Zimmerman, his daughter, sent an email to fortscott.biz telling of the event.

“I guess it is a program that KU has where they select a veteran and then honor them during a KU game,” she said. “It could be football, basketball, etc. My cousin, Dad’s niece, submitted an application for Dad to be considered for this. We had to submit his story about his service, and we also included that he graduated from KU and the ROTC program there, prior to going into pilot training for the Air Force.”

The event was “A great day for the family,” she said.

“Dad NEVER talked about his service in Viet Nam when we were growing up,” Zimmerman said. “As a matter of fact, I really didn’t know he had flown in Viet Nam, I always thought he was flew in the Korean war.”

This is the family group picture after the  K.U. game on Jan. 21 to celebrate with Raymond Streeter.  Front row: Ruthie Hatfield, Anna Mae Berndt, RAYMOND STREETER, Danny Magee, David McCrary 2nd Row: Randy Zimmerman, Marnie Zimmerman, Sandy Schirmer, Cristin Stark, Kim Shrum, Theresa Bateson, Linda Laird, Tanya Green, Cherly McCrary 3rd Row:  Hunter Casey, Zak Hueston, Carmen Misse, Rob Hassig, Greg Laird, Ronda Hassig, Bill Berndt, Mike Berndt, Rowan Green, George McCrary. In attendance, but not pictured:  Ray Streeter Jr., Bernard Streeter, Kelly Streeter, Johnathan Stark. Submitted photo.

“Dad was born and raised in Fort Scott, ” she said.  “He lives here still. He served in the Vietnam War, and went on to complete his military service in the Air Force Reserves.  He retired as a colonel.”

Raymond Streeter. Submitted photo.

Some points in the career of Colonel Raymond L. Streeter, provided by Zimmerman:
•Kansas University  Air Force ROTC graduate 1963
•Flew C141 cargo planes on supply staging missions from Travis Air Force Base in California to Viet Nam
•Flew F100 Super Sabre fighter jets while stationed at Phan Rang Air Force Base in Viet Nam
•Flew 67 combat missions in Viet Nam
•During a 20 year career in the Air Force Reserves flew the C124 and the C130, served as Chief of Command Control at Richards Gebaur Air Force Base and participated in the Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program with FEMA
•Air War College graduate
•Air Force Commendation Medal recipient
•Earned several medals and awards including the Senior Command Pilot Wings

12 thoughts on “FS Air Force Veteran Raymond Streeter Honored at K.U. Basketball Game Jan. 21”

  1. Raymond,
    Thanks for your service. I served also but my tenure was not near as exciting as yours!! Lol
    I was at Ft Wainwright for 14 months after being in NJ for the first part of my service! You deserve the recognition for sure!! Hope to see ya in Fort Scott at our next HS reunion!!
    Don Madison

  2. I have always held Raymond in high regard for his service to our county, his citizenry within my hometown, and his genuine passion for others.

    Reading this article gave me goosebumps as I know getting out on the floor of Allen Field House was a tremendous honor he would never expect but graciously accepted.

    Well done, Marnie and family; please tell him “Big Bob,” says hello.

    Bob Goltra

  3. Raymond lived near St. Marys in Fort Scott, and attended grade school with the rest of us young citizens. Remember the Gormans, Billy Whiteside, Tom and Eddie Smith, Tom Reagan, Danny Meara, Cheryl Keating, Janice Erickson, Joleen Kotzman, etc.! Raymond was cool; he could walk to school. Many of us had to drive from the country. Bless you for your service.
    Don Heffernan

  4. What a wonderful well deserved honor!!!
    Thank you Raymond for your service to our country and our community!!!

  5. Congratulations, Ray. I never knew the depth of your Military Service and I enjoyed reading about your service to our Country. You deserve all of the accolades that you are receiving and I thank you for your service.

  6. I yelled my lungs out for Ray at the game! It was truly special to know the Hero on the floor at Allen! YOU ROCK RAY!

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