Fresenius Kidney Care Closes Sept. 30 in Fort Scott.


“After careful consideration, we have made the decision to close the kidney dialysis center at Fresenius Kidney Care located at 2526 S. Main St, Fort Scott, KS 66701 on September 30, 2019. Staff are working diligently with each patient to ensure seamless continuation of treatment, either with the option to dialyze at home or at one of two other clinics in the region. Fresenius Kidney Care will continue to support the clinic’s home therapy patients after the closure.”


“This move toward home therapy reflects a national trend, aligning with the  (President Trump) administration’s recent executive order to increase access to home dialysis, which so often is the best treatment for patients, empowering them to participate in their own care in the comfort of their homes.

—Fresenius Kidney Care Regional Vice President, Scott Ochs


Another option is for the patient to find a caregiver to assist with dialysis treatments at the patient’s home.


“If a patient has a caregiver available to help with treatments, we will train them to provide the care, through our Fresenius Kidney Care home training programs, we will work with both the patient and the caregiver until they are ready to administer treatments on their own,” said Shirley Irvin BSN, RN, CDN, Fresenius Director of Operations Home Therapies.

One thought on “Fresenius Kidney Care Closes Sept. 30 in Fort Scott.”

  1. My husband is a home care patient. I feel just as I did on Demember 30th 2018, when Fort Scott hospital closed. Now the news of the dialysis center closing. The town fought so hard and long to get this center, many patients in this town and surrounding areas, where now getting excellent care, from an excellent center at home. Both in center and home care. And to close so quickly. Iam very concerned for the people who rely on dialysis. I know they will go to other facility,etc. I have sit and heard patients and family not know how they can pay for gas, or have reliable cars, or family able to drive them. Heaven help health care, and Fort Scott.

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