Freedom’s Frontier NHA grant awarded to The Gordon Parks Museum

Gordon Parks. Submitted photo.

The Gordon Parks Museum received $1,000 in grant funding from Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. The award will help with the museum’s technology and interactive display expansion for the purchase of a large 65-inch monitor display and mobile cart.

This purchase will help us to expand the museum, through the use of this monitor to provide slide shows of Gordon’s photographs, interviews, related films and videos along with other artist works that are inspired by Gordon’s remarkable career to fight against racism, poverty and discrimination.

The monitor will also be used as an additional monitor display for viewing, during presentations and events. This monitor can also provide promotional signage for future events and information for the museum.

“We are thrilled to be an award recipient of the Freedom’s Frontier NHA grant,” said Gordon Parks Museum Executive Director, Kirk Sharp.” We are excited to have this display installed, so to better enhance the visitor’s experience in our museum and for events.”

The goal to have the monitor and mobile cart installed and available for visitor’s use is August 1, 2024.

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Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) is a federally funded nonprofit organization and affiliate of the National Park Service dedicated to building awareness of the struggle for freedom along the Missouri-Kansas border. Established by Congress in 2006, its nationally significant themes are the settlement of the frontier, the Missouri-Kansas Border War and Civil War, and the enduring struggle for freedom. These diverse, interwoven, and nationally important stories grew from a unique physical and cultural landscape. FFNHA inspires respect for multiple perspectives and empowers residents to preserve and share these stories. We achieve our goals through interpretation, preservation, conservation, and education for all residents and visitors.

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