Fort Scott’s Cancer Center to Close Jan. 31

Cancer Center of Kansas, located in Mercy Hospital Clinic, Jan. 21..

In connection with the closure of Mercy Hospital at the end of 2018, the Cancer Center of Kansas, which was located in the hospital clinic is closing.

The last day of operation for the center in Fort Scott is Jan. 31.

The center is offering the same service in Chanute and Parsons for its patients, said Dr. Yoosaf Abraham, Chief Operating Officer for Cancer Center of Kansas, Wichita.

The reason for the closure?

“We can not provide services to our patients, without ancillary services,” Abraham said.

Services such as  a labratory and surgeons are no longer available at Fort Scott, Abraham said.

Dr. Phu Truong and Dr. Nassim Nbbout, the current doctors in the Fort Scott Cancer Center of Kansas, can be seen at the Chanute and Parsons Cancer Center of Kansas facilities, he said.

The two nurses currently employed at the Cancer Center in Fort Scott are employees of Mercy Hospital, Abraham said.

“This will affect many in our community,” said Karen Endicott-Coyan. ” I currently take weekly chemo treatments at the center…this is extremely disheartening. I take chemo weekly with no end in sight, as there is no cure for my disease.”


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