Fort Scott Interim City Manager Report Dec. 9

Interim City Manager Report

The Honorable Mayor and December 9, 2020

City Commissioners

City of Fort Scott, Kansas Letter No. 20-002

FROM: J. Jeff Hancock, Interim City Manager

SUBJECT: City Manager Report

Dear Mayor and Commission Members:

Observations and Activities

As previously indicated, I plan to continue to provide you a written report ahead of each regular Commission meeting that will go out with the Agenda. Hopefully, this will not only provide a running report on my activities, communicate to the Press and our citizens, but may also provide recommendations and comments for your review during the Interim City Manager Report previously at the end of the Commission meeting. This upcoming Commission meeting moves this report further up on the Agenda.

Although I started work at City Hall on Wednesday November 18 and have met many city staff members and fellow employees, I still have not had time to take individual tours with all the Department Directors. Hopefully, I can find time to make this happen. Although telephone conversations have taken place, I still want to meet in person and spend some personal time with Commissioners Kevin Allen and Pete Allen.

Monday of last week, I attended a Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting and then a Special City Commission meeting whereupon the Commission voted to replace former Commissioner JoLynne Mitchell with new Commissioner Josh Jones. Congratulations to Josh. I look forward to working with you.

Throughout my stay, I have been fortunate to meet several Fort Scott citizens. Tuesday morning of last week I met with Deb McCoy. At six p.m. that same day I attended the Fort Scott City Commission meeting. Wednesday morning, I participated in the weekly City Department meeting and then met with City Development staff to discuss the departure of Nathan Stansberry and the short term and long-term efforts for Community and Economic Development. As a result of that meeting, I appointed Allyson Turvey Acting City Zoning Administrator. I was also able to meet with a developer and city staff on the alley project and water drainage concerns at the Union Lofts project. Although I left the office Wednesday afternoon, I was able to make and take several telephone calls driving home. City calls continued at home on Thursday and Friday. These calls included discussions on the Christmas Trolley tours, the City Chamber coffee scheduled for December 17 and street concerns, among others. I continue to coordinate Commissioner and citizen concerns.

This week, I arrived on Monday and was able to meet with Commissioners Watts and Jones Monday morning. At noon I met with Rachel and Ally and representatives from the Kansas Department of Commerce. Tuesday morning of this week, I met with Chad Brown and toured an alley site in the downtown. I also was able to formally meet with former Commissioner JoLynne Mitchell. Later I met with Mayor Nichols. Tuesday afternoon included attendance at a Design Review Committee meeting followed by a City Commission work session meeting on the upcoming sales tax ballot issue, and the Charter Ordinance 31 January ballot issue. Wednesday included a Department Director meeting. I then toured with Chad Brown to review Horton and Cooper Streets and the recent water line break. A meeting took place that afternoon with a County Commissioner, County Counselor, City Commissioner Watts and Jones on potential City/County shared services.

I was not in the city Thursday and Friday but took several city e-mails and phone calls concerning City business. I plan to return to Fort Scott on Tuesday, December 15. That evening we will have the second regular City Commission Meeting for the month of December. I plan to attend the Thursday Chamber City sponsored coffee at the Municipal Auditorium.

Some Existing Projects Ongoing:

Time permitting, I may have some additional information to verbally share with you at this upcoming Tuesday City Commission Meeting. Some of these may include:

New Street Cut Permit and Process.

10 N. National building.

Street projects.

Union Loft projects.

Chamber City Sponsored Coffee.

City/County Shared Services.

Strategic Plan.

If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail at [email protected] or through my cell phone.

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