A New Art Gallery Displays FSHS Student’s Artwork

Fort Scott High School Art Instructor Ellen Kendrick explains the process of the setting up the components necessary to display art in the new gallery at the school. Senior Art Student Berkley Chavis is at right.

Walking the halls of Fort Scott High School, visitors notice the glassed-in area with art displays near the entrance to the school.

In the recent building renovation, the planners designated a gallery space for student artwork, FSHS Art Instructor Ellen Kendrick said.

Kendrick said all the components for displaying student artwork came together just before Christmas.

“To have this space is amazing,” Kendrick said.

The January exhibit was photography and ceramic art by students.

Berkley Chavis shows her two photography projects, one of a horse and one a dog.
Kayley Reyes shows her two pieces. The one at left is entitled “Broken”, the other is unnamed, she said.

Seniors who have their photos displayed in the gallery currently: Ethan Burrel, Grace Keating, Kaley Reyes, and Berkley Chavis.

Senior Emily Hill shows her ceramic artwork in the gallery Tuesday morning.

Art students who have pottery in the gallery are Emily Hill, Berkley Chavis, Kharsyn Dwyer, Blaice Hopkins, Denton Fritter, Madison Cook, Kelsie Nelson, Andy Bryant, Kaidon Shelton, and Ashton Nolan.

Kendrick said the gallery display will change each month.

The February exhibit will be more ceramics and drawings, instead of photographs.

She said her family helped with the gallery lighting and display furniture.

“Jack and I set the lights in place,” she said. “Jack and Sam made the pedestals.”

Jack and Sam are her sons.

“John (her husband) helped with the lighting system as well. I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said.



3 thoughts on “A New Art Gallery Displays FSHS Student’s Artwork”

  1. The art gallery looks very nice, but it is strange how I keep hearing that Fort Scott schools don’t have enough money and teachers don’t make a decent wage yet there seems to be money for Astroturf, a new gym and now an art gallery. The art gallery looks like a very nice addition to the school, but is anyone weighing these types of things against stuff that teachers are saying would help educate kids better?

    1. I believe the money for these things came from the tax payers to improve the school which in turn helps in the realm of education. I don’t believe the money to build this came from the school district itself, but was voted on and paid for by us tax payers, unlike teachers salary which does come from the school district.

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