Fisher Park Project Moving Forward

The new Fisher Park parking lot at 7th and Main streets will be located on the northwest corner and will accommodate 25 regular size parking spaces and 1-2 handicapped accessible spaces.

Frank Adamson started seeing the need for improvements of Fisher Park, when his daughter, Hunter, starting playing softball there, three years ago.

Eventually,  others joined him in the pursuit to improve the park and today they are awaiting engineering specifications of the first step, making more parking spaces at the park located at 7th and Main.

The Fisher Park Project group received a grant this last month from a local industry, the Timken Company, in the amount of $5,200 for the purpose of helping offset engineering fees

Agricultural Engineering Associates, Uniontown, is currently working on those specifications.

Once received, the specifications will help with the process of getting more grants to fund future park improvement projects, according to Adamson.

In addition to the parking lot, also envisioned in the project are concrete pads for wheelchair accessibility, more bleachers for viewing games, tearing down an unused tower that obstructs sight for viewers, and reconfiguring of the south ball diamond to make it regulation size.

Adamson points to where the concrete pad for wheelchair accessibility is envisioned. In the middle of the picture is the unused green tower which will be demolished. The tower obstructs the view for fans of softball.
More bleachers behind home plate are planned in this spot.
Adamson stands in the spot that will be the home plate, once the south ballpark is reconfigured to make it regulation size.
Adamson stands in the vacant lot at 7th and Main streets across from Fisher Park that will be the new parking lot for 25 vehicles and 1-2 handicapped accessible vehicles.

More parking spaces are first on the list for improvement at Fisher Park.

Twenty-five standard parking spaces and one or two van accessible spaces will be provided in an off-street lot across Main Street from the ballpark.

Those serving on the Fisher Park Project board are Adamson, Josh Jones, Bill Michaud, Tom Robertson and Rhonda Dunn.

For more information, see the Fisher Park Project Facebook page or contact Adamson at the Courtland Hotel & Spa at 620-223-0098

The concession stand currently has wheelchair accessibility and faces the south ballpark.
Looking east towards the north ballpark in Fisher Park from the vantage point of the proposed parking lot.


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  1. Please tell me that the big tree behind home plate will be allowed to stay. It has been there from the beginning to the best of my knowledge.

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