Firstsource Transitions Employees to Work From Home And Plans A Move

Firstsource is currently located in the Fort Scott Industrial Park. but is moving the office to town.

At a recent Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Coffee event, Micheal Bryant announced that Firstsource Solutions USA, 4500 Campbell Drive, is transitioning to work-from-home for its employees.

The business leadership is also devising a plan to move from the industrial park to the city of Fort Scott and add more employees.

Micheal Bryant, Firstsource Solutions Vice-President of Operations. Submitted photo.


Bryant is vice president of operations for the business which provides for its’ clients services of claims adjudication, data entry and customer service calls.


“Firstsource has been deploying work-from-home for several years within the Fort Scott location,” Bryant said in an email interview with  “The opportunity for employees to work-from-home has been very well received by our team members.”


” The transition is a business decision that will improve our retention rates, employee satisfaction,  and performance of our team members,” Bryant said.


“The entire Fort Scott office will be involved in the migration,” he said. “There are other offices within Firstsource that are migrating to a work-from-home environment but (it is) not  a company-wide initiative.”


“The work-from-home staff will be providing services of claims adjudication, customer service, and data entry for our existing customers,” Bryant said.


At the Chamber Coffee, Bryant said the business would have a smaller footprint in Fort Scott.


“Firstsource is currently in negotiations on a small facility for training and meetings,” he said. “We hope to finalize the lease in the next couple of weeks. Once we have finalized the lease we will be able to communicate the new Firstsource location. The move is currently scheduled for late December of this year.”


The business will be moving from the industrial park.

“The current facility that we are negotiating with is within the city of Fort Scott,” Bryant said.


The business will also be adding more employees shortly.


“The alternative facility will be leveraged for the training of existing employees as well as new employees,” he said.  “The facility will enable Firstsource to continue to grow with the Fort Scott area. We have plans to add a significant number of additional staff members in the next several months.”



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