Leon Perry’s Book: A Slice of Bourbon County History in the 1950s

The Leon Perry book.

Author Leon Perry will be featured during a book signing this Saturday, Feb. 25 at 1:30 p.m. at Hedgehog INK bookstore, 16 S. Main, Fort Scott.

Leon Perry. Submitted photo.

Perry was a young child when his family came to Fort Scott in the 1950s to look for employment. They were staying in a motel in Belltown, on the city’s north side, when there was explosion in their room that killed his parents and a sibling.

Perry chronicles the kindness and help that he and his remaining sibling received from the community as he recovered from severe burns to his body and the loss of his parents.

He and brother, Ernie, were taken to the Goodlander Children’s Home, where they stayed until they were adopted by a local farm couple.

He tells of the life on the farm, school, 4-H and FFA that allows readers to understand life in Bourbon County during that era of time. He went on to be an educator and school administrator in  Kansas and Missouri.

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2 thoughts on “Leon Perry’s Book: A Slice of Bourbon County History in the 1950s”

  1. I have read the book. What an inspiration to read about his health trials and adjusting to a new home/life. Great book.
    Carolyn Neil Franzini

  2. Carolyn Neil, I remember that girl!

    Please give my best to Leon Perry. I remember him well.
    Lost track of him after High School.
    I’m retired, living in western Kansas City now. I have a volunteer project to work at tomorrow so I cannot attend Leon’s book event. I’ll try to pick up his book the next time I am down that way.
    Ron Pfeiffer

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