Evergy crews prepared for winter weather


KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 10, 2020 – Evergy crews are ready to respond if a winter storm moving across Kansas and Missouri causes power outages. Customers are encouraged to have a storm kit and communication plan in place.


“We are watching the weather closely. Evergy crews are ready to begin restoring power as soon as safely possible if this storm causes outages,” said Gina Penzig, manager, external communications. Evergy’s proactive tree trimming program reduces the number of outages from storms, but ice or snow build up on trees and powerlines can still damage the power grid and cause outages.


If outages occur, Evergy crews will first work to restore power to emergency facilities and then focus on repairs to restore power to the largest number of customers first. While line crews are making repairs to major power lines that deliver power from substations to neighborhoods, other teams may drive through neighborhoods to assess damage. The information they gather makes restoration faster because repair crews arrive with the needed equipment.


In case of extended power outages, customers are encouraged to prepare for outages by keeping phones charged, having a storm kit (including water and non-perishable food) assembled, and having a communication plan in place.


Outages may be reported online at www.evergy.com. Customers in the Evergy Kansas Central area may report power outages at 1-800-LIGHTKS (1-800-544-4857). Customers in Evergy Kansas Metro, Missouri Metro and Missouri West service areas may report power outages at 1-888-LIGHTKC (1-888-544-4852).


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