Draft Minutes of the Uniontown City Council from April 12

The Regular Council Meeting on April 12, 2022 at Uniontown City Hall, was called to order at 7:02 PM by Mayor Jurgensen.  Council members present were Jess Ervin, Danea Esslinger, and Josh Hartman.  Also in attendance for all or part of the meeting were Susan Eldridge, Uniontown Alumni Association, Raymond “Skeet” George, Uniontown Ruritan, City Superintendent Bobby Rich, City Codes Enforcement Officer Doug Coyan, and City Clerk Sally Johnson.





Susan Eldridge, Uniontown Alumni Association asked for permission to hold the all school reunion in the city park the evening of Saturday, September 3, 2022.  They will provide insurance certificate.  They request that the ban on alcoholic beverages in the park be lifted for that evening and want to know if there are any other limitations.


Motion by Ervin, Second  by Hartman, Approved 3-0 to allow Uniontown Alumni Association to host all school reunion in the city park on September 3, 2022, allow alcohol consumption from 5PM to Midnight, and no glass containers allowed


Raymond “Skeet” George, Ruritan – asked the council to recess to view the location for the proposed public restrooms.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 3-0 to recess for 10 minutes to view 112 Second St


Meeting resumed at 7:19.  Mr George asked for action to designate the location for the project.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Esslinger, Approved 3-0 to allow preliminary planning for construction of an ADA public restroom at northeast corner of 112 Second St


Discussion followed regarding funding for the public restroom, pickleball court, and outdoor equipment.  This project qualifies for the placemaking pathway we pledged.  Contact REDI for best time to submit an application for 2022 funding.  ARPA funds could also be used for this.



Treasurer Bolinger was absent. March written Treasurer’s Report and 1st Quarter Report were presented.  Beginning Checking Account Balance for all funds was $338,643.12, Receipts $52,765.73, Transfers Out $3,026.00, Expenditures $23,883.18, Checking Account Closing Balance $364,499.67. Bank Statement Balance $364,938.99, including Checking Account Interest of $29.90, Outstanding Deposits $0, Outstanding Checks $439.32, Reconciled Balance $364,499.67.  Water Utilities Certificates of Deposit $30,063.99, Sewer Utilities Certificate of Deposit $18,566.16, Gas Utilities Certificates of Deposit $28,346.12, Total All Funds, including Certificates of Deposit $441,475.94. Year-to-Date Interest in Checking Acct is $85.61, and Utility CDs $74.84 for a Total Year-to-Date Interest of $160.45.  Also included the status of the Projects Checking Account for the month of March 2022, Beginning Balance $0, Receipts $0, Expenditures $0, Ending Balance $0.  March Transfers from Sewer Utility Fund to Sewer Revolving Loan $1,402.00; from Water Utility Fund to GO Water Bond & Interest $1,624.00, Total Transfers of $3,026.00.  Net Income for the month of March $25,856.55, Year-to-Date Net Income $40,756.17.  Budget vs Actual Water Fund YTD Revenue $27,812.18 (26.4%), Expenditures $25,333.54 (19.5%); Sewer Fund YTD Revenue $8,633.12 (24.2%), Expenditures $11,942.48 (29.1%); Gas Fund YTD Revenue $54,144.38 (38.8%), Expenditures $28,296.04 (11.5%); General Fund YTD Revenue $49,170.41 (38.3%), Expenditures $29,562.90 (17.9%); and Special Highway YTD Revenue $1,814.86 (26.5%), Expenditures $397.28 (3.7%).  The April 2022 estimated payables in the amount of $29,474.19 were presented.



Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 3-0, to approve Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of March 8, 2022 Regular Council Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report, Monthly Transaction Report & Accounts Payables



Superintendent Rich reported that the storage building at 112 Second St has been removed, two gas main valves have been replaced, and the speed bumps/signs have been installed.


Codes Enforcement Officer Coyan reported that 104 Fulton has been cleaned up by new owner. An issue of trash in a trailer and debris in the back yard at 202 Fourth St was addressed and trailer has been removed.  103 Fifth is being cleaned up by new owner.  He has contacted our attorney twice in the last two months to get something resolved with the Smith Estate with no response back.  301 Second St #1 has a lot of clutter and debris.  Clerk Johnson will contact the attorney to try to speed things up.  It was suggested to schedule a worksession to continue discussion on shipping/storage containers, accessory/storage buildings, fences regulations and citywide solid waste.  It will be scheduled at next meeting.  Councilmember Ervin asked him to go by 301 Second St and address the collection of clutter/debris.


Clerk Johnson presented the financial audit contract with minimal increase in cost but less than anticipated in the budget.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Esslinger, Approved 3-0 to accept the financial audit engagement letter with Diehl, Banwart, Bolton


Loren Korte was here with the insurance renewal and went over changes with Clerk Johnson.  Overall increase in premiums is 6.74% but less than anticipated in the budget.  He will present to council if needed.  Council concurred it was not needed.

Rabies clinic was April 9 with a good turnout.  Thirteen dogs and seven cats were registered at the clinic.  Clerk Johnson presented a list of animals registered last year that are not yet registered this year, a list of new residents that need a reminder that dogs and cats are required to be registered, and a list of those that have registered but not provided proper rabies documentation.  She will go over this list with Animal Control Officer Binford to get citations issued.

Kansas Municipal Utilities conference in April 27-29 in Wichita which also includes the KMGA Board of Directors meeting and an afternoon of sessions on gas.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 3-0 to allow Bobby Rich and/or Sally Johnson to attend the KMU conference in Wichita, April 27-29, if they choose


KMGA will be hosting regional meetings this year.  The one for our area will be in Humboldt on July 14.  Will put on the agenda again in June.  Clerk Johnson also presented a market update from KMGA.

Midwest Assistance Program would like to assist communities in the application process for USDA community facility project grants and/or loans.  Clerk Johnson will contact them for more information about what is available and what would be the city’s obligation.



Councilman Ervin – nothing

Councilwoman Esslinger – nothing

Councilman Hartman – nothing

Councilwoman Kelly – absent

Councilman Stewart – absent

Mayor Jurgensen – thanked councilmembers and employees that attended the county commission meeting last month.  Asked if fish food has been received.  Clerk Johnson has ordered but it has not been shipped yet, she will follow-up.  He had a request to change elected officials pay to monthly whether attend regular meeting or not which led to a discussion on protocol for elected officials censure or removal.  Clerk Johnson will have the attorney draft an ordinance addressing elected officials pay and protocols.



Wholesale water supply – table until next month.


Pond Improvement Project – Invitations to bid should be sent/published next month and the liner needs to be ordered due to shipping times.


City Utility Low-Interest Loan update – this does not need to be discussed monthly, put on the agenda quarterly for updates.


American Rescue Plan Act update – The annual report has been submitted. There was some discussion about using the funds for the public restrooms, pickleball court, and outdoor exercise equipment.  We will add discussion of the funds to the worksession we schedule next month.


Street Repair – Mayor Jurgensen was thanked for asking county commissioners for a commitment to help us on our streets this year at the March 22 commission meeting.  Table further discussion until next month.



Motion by Ervin, Second by Stewart, Approved 5-0 to enter into executive session pursuant to non-elected personnel matters exception, KSA 4319(b)(1), in order to discuss non-elected personnel, the open meeting to resume at 9:00PM


Meeting resumed at 9:00PM.  No action was taken


Moved by Ervin, Second by Esslinger Approved 3-0, to adjourn at 9:00PM

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